New couple sitting on a hill


An Alumni Wedding at FLC


At the time of writing we have hosted 9 weddings and 3 school groups at Forest Lake Camp. Guests have travelled from all over the USA, Great Britain and Australia to enjoy what FLC has to offer.

One of the rental highlights of 2018 was the wedding of former camper and counselor, Mary Hearst, to her now husband Robert Egan. There were many FLC Alums in attendance, along with friends and family who enjoyed a weekend of Archery, Campfires, Softball Games, Lake Activities and a fine after dinner reception / social complete with great music.
When Mary and Robert were returning from their church service, FLC campfire MC, driver and owner of the Fanny Pack, John Cullen stopped them on the camp road with a bottle of champagne and a big pink ball. FLC Legends behaving in a legendary fashion.
Our best wishes go to Mary and Robert for their future together from all of us at FLC
and of course the spirit of the great counselor of all campers too.