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January 2018 Newsletter

Alumna, Mary Hearst hosts her 2018 wedding at FLC!

As 2018 kicks into gear and we all wait patiently (apart from snow enthusiasts) for the first signs of green grass poking through to let us know spring is coming, it will soon be time to start prepping cabins, putting boats in the water and lining the fields.

As wedding season approaches we are extremely pleased to announce that in 2018 we will be hosting  an Alumni wedding at FLC. Mary Hearst’s association with camp began when her mother searched for a summer camp and shortlisted 3 possibilities. Mary Hearst’s mother then spoke with each camp director individually and it should come as no surprise to anyone that the moment Gary Confer began his conversations, Mary and her mother were sold on Forest Lake Camp. Flying from Miami as a 12 year old for that very first summer, it began a true love affair with FLC that many alum can relate to. Mary went from camper to CIT, JC and Counselor before finishing her many years at FLC as Athletic Director. Although she lists many achievements in her time at FLC, it is safe to say that leading the opening of campfire with her “Bali Bali” is one of her fondest.

Robert Egan met Mary on a date 15 days after he arrived in the USA from the UK. They decided to meet at Hudson Malone in NYC but the first date very nearly didn’t happen. Mary was a little nervous and so wandered around the block to build her confidence while Robert was on time and very nearly decided to leave. Robert claims Mary was 20 minutes late while Mary puts her time closer to 12 minutes. It’s not the only mildly contentious point between them as Mary is a die hard Chelsea fan while Robert is a born and bred Arsenal fan – for those unfamiliar with Soccer, picture Yankees v Red Sox. Since that very first date they have been practically inseparable, playing soccer, traveling the globe and returning many times to Hudson Malone. They have also visited FLC and shared the view from Lookout. When Mary’s parents suggested a wedding at Forest Lake Camp, Mary asked Robert for his opinion and he said, “I know how much FLC means to you, lets get married there!” Now, without getting too ahead of ourselves, Mary did share that she and Robert have agreed that when they have children, Mary is happy for them to be Arsenal fans as long as Robert is happy for them to attend FLC.