January 2014 Newsletter

Alum, Geoff Neu Reflects On His Winter Hike Around Camp

photo-23Greetings to all.  I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of tramping around camp for a tad over forty years.  A recent Sunday morning still held the magic of my first day.

We had an extra January thaw this winter in the North Country, and some of the ice that comes with them.  Camp is quiet and still with no damage from the ice.  A nice dusting of snow covering everything.  Some of the roads and paths are pretty slippery and make for some funny, acrobatic walking.  I’m sure it brought a smile to some squirrels and birds that were watching.  The lake has fourteen inches of ice on it, after all the cold December brought.  Speaking of cold, it’s about minus 20 F as I write.

IMG_3629 copyEven with camp asleep for the winter months, there are signs of activity for another busy summer of fun.  Dan combs planted a bunch of shade trees in the late fall and early winter.  Mike, our new caretaker, has been able to start some renovations on the farmhouse.  I’ve had a chance to walk and explore the 800 acres beyond the cabins and ballfields.  There are lots of trails and cool places waiting for campers.  That’s what always keeps me coming back.  And all the friends too.

Maybe I can catch up with you next month and give you a ski report.  Camp still has some winter to get through.  I’m the other Geoff (not to be confused with an owner).  I first came to Forest Lake as a nine year old camper in 1972.  All the way from Brussels, Belgium and have worn quite a few hats for camp since.  I live just up the road in Lake Placid.

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