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March 2016 Newsletter

2016 Boys’ Head Counselors

tennis 2Our Boys Camp Head Counselors,  oversee the general well being of our campers and staff in boys camp and work closely with the cabin counselors to ensure every camper is having a summer to remember. Please join us in welcoming Jamie and Ben as our 2016 Boys Head Counselor Team!

Boys’ Head Counselor, Ben Nicols 


Ben is excited to spend his 3rd summer at Forest Lake Camp this summer. Though he grew up just down the road, Ben did not arrive to Forest Lake Camp until 2014 when he had the pleasure of joining the FLC family as our waterfront director. Ben made a huge impact down at waterfront, sharing nonstop fun and laughter to all ages.  He may be most notably remembered for epic counselor vs. camper beach volleyball tournaments.  Fishing derbies and greasy watermelons are of the many traditions that came back into camp life during Ben’s tenure as waterfront director. Waterfront director is a coveted position at camp and Ben thought he had the best job of anyone.  Not only does the job come with swim lessons, paddle boards, kayaks and sailing, but it also earned Ben the best tan on staff and first in the water each day!

Summer 2016 brings new excitement and opportunities for Ben as he takes on the role of one of Boys’ Camp Head Counselors. Ben is looking forward to helping keep the amazing FLC traditions alive while at the same time trying to help improve experiences for campers summer after summer.  Ben is a key team player at FLC and we look forward to the many moments where he will continue to help campers reach their potential.  His patience, ability to connect with all campers and staff and his deep appreciation of individual differences and strengths makes him a valued member of FLC.   We are excited to see Ben on Boy’s Hill this summer and know he will continue to make a lasting impact.

Why do you return to FLC each summer?

I return FLC because it is an amazing opportunity to observe growth in adolescents in a compact time frame. Being able to watch campers challenge themselves, and overcome personal obstacles, whether it be at the climbing wall, on a hike, or at the waterfront, provides the staff of FLC with a huge sense of satisfaction. Many parents of FLC campers have seen huge amounts of growth take place in their children while at FLC, and being able to watch those changes occur first hand is what keeps me wanting to come back to FLC.

Jamie Kerrigan, Boys Head Counselor


This summer will be Jamie’s 3rd year at camp and he feels each one gets more unbelievable then the next.  Jamie has an undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree in Physiology, and biomechanics and will be starting a PGCE and a second masters program in September. Jamie has worked in schools his whole working career from Special Educational schools to mainstream schools, covering ages from 8 straight through to adults. His experiences in the classroom and out in the filed with students, combined with his passion for the great outdoors are what led Jamie to FLC, and are of the many things that make Jamie such a strong part of the FLC team.

During Jamie’s time at FLC he has played several diverse roles; most notably a rugby coach, soccer enthusiast, life guard, trip leader, and rock climbing instructor. Some of Jamie’s favorite experiences of camp have been taking groups of boys on hiking  and canoe trips and creating lifelong memories. Jamie feels these types of experiences bring the FLC family even closer together. Jamie will be joining the leadership team at FLC this summer as one of our Boys Head Counselors. Jamie’s commitment to young people and his time in both traditional and nontraditional settings is a giant strength that he brings to our camp community.

Jamie returns to FLC with enthusiasm, drive and determination to give every child the summer of a lifetime and something they will never forget.

Why do you return to FLC each summer?

There is nowhere else on earth I would rather spend my summers. I get to spend 8 weeks making new friends, seeing my FLC family and working with awesome campers day in and day out. I have people around me who I can rely on and who want to join me in creating an amazing summer for our campers. Every year at the end of summer I am asked to sum up FLC in one word. I spend hours thinking about this one word and I think it is an impossible task. FLC cannot be simply summed up in one word, the experiences we have here cannot be put into one simple phrase. FLC and the experiences we have are too vast and too great to be summed up. It is a place I long for and a place I miss when I am gone. It is a home away from home for so many of us. This is why I return to FLC.