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Forest Lake Camp Expands Its Climbing Program

Rock climbing at Forest Lake Camp has historically been one of our most popular activities. Campers love the opportunity to challenge themselves, support their fellow climbers and reach new heights. There is nothing like scaling to the top of our climbing wall and ringing the bell as you look out over the tree tops across Forest Lake.

This summer we have decided to expand our climbing program and are partnering up with one of the most renown rocking climbing guide services (Rocksport) in the Adirondacks. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our senior campers the chance to test their skills on natural rock. This summer we are running a series of senior rock climbing trips to the Shelben Rock, which is on the east shore of Lake George. We are only offering a limited amount of trips this summer. Each trip will be accompanied by 2-3 of FLC’s rock climbing counselors to help support the Rocksport team.

In order to qualify for this trip senior campers will need to demonstrate competency on FLC’s climbing wall, learn how to belay and use the climbing commands confidently.

See you on the wall!