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Why To Send Your Child to Our Summer Camp

We know parents, allowing your child to go to summer camp can be a scary thought. You don’t want to let go of your “baby” for the first time, or maybe you just are nervous. Well, you’re probably nervous about them not making friends or becoming super homesick. But here at Forest Lake Camp, we are here to ease those fears and to remind you that sending your son or daughter to summer camp is one of the best things you could do for them. Keep on reading to learn more about how great a summer camp near Connecticut, like us, is for your son or daughter!

To start off, children gain a ton of life skills at summer camp. For the children who are a little shy and tend to stay to themselves, summer camp is the perfect opportunity to gain confidence. By participating in our summer camp activities and socializing with fellow campers, children begin to feel more confident in themselves, and their abilities. Unfortunately, parents can’t just hand off confidence to their children, but by putting them in a safe and supportive environment, children will naturally gain confidence and higher self esteem. Another great part about summer camp is the ability for children to make new friends. Going to summer camp provides children with a fresh start in a stress-free environment. Here, children can be themselves and meet their new best friends!

Currently, summer camp is one of the last places on earth where children aren’t constantly surrounded by electronics. There’s only so much time that children should spend staring at a computer, television, or cell phone screen. And in the United States, research has shown that many children spend about 52 hours a week doing this! Many parents have difficulty separating their children from their valued electronics, which is where summer camp comes in! By spending their time outside exploring the beautiful summer campgrounds and hanging out with new friends, children won’t even care about missing the newest episode of their favorite show. Instead, they will get to experience how great nature is and how much fun they can have when they aren’t stuck behind a screen. The benefits of summer camp go on forever, and it’s important to remember that these are just a few!

If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to the best summer camp near Connecticut next summer, then contact Forest Lake Camp! Call us today at 518-623-4771 for more information or to schedule an upcoming tour.