September 2017 Newsletter

What FLC Means to US!

Each summer we ask our campers, staff and families at the end of a session, “What does FLC mean to you?”  Reflections vary but a there is always a common thread that weaves responses together, showing FLC to be a community of growing relationships, a place so many consider to be a second home and a place where people feel comfortable being themselves. Read on to hear some reflections of summer 2017 campers, staff and alumni.

What FLC Means to Me:

To me, FLC means fun, friends, and fishing! -Brendan Robinson (FLC Camper)

For me, FLC represents a feeling of belonging. An extended family of mine for 40 years. I have been in wedding parties, birthday celebrations, shared vacations, shared celebrations and sorrows, with many FLC fellow alum. I consider myself lucky to have met the people I have along the way. Luckier still, to be able to consider them all friends to this day. I’m happy for all those who get to drink from the FLC well.  Fond memories of summer days… Murf (FLC Alum)

It’s hard to pick one thing. FLC meant taking chances, being a kid again, becoming close with people, getting really excited and Campfire.

I do think about FLC a lot. Even though being a counselor is a tough job, I have a lot of great memories from this summer. -Azra Horowitz (FLC Alum and 2017 Staff member) 

To me FLC means fun and mosquitos! -Sadie McKinlay (FLC Camper)

To me FLC means home away from home. -Kayla McKinlay (FLC Camper)

FLC is a place of joy. Wonderful welcoming staff and kind and caring campers. Loved every minute spent teaching the students. I loved the opportunity. – Nancy Lacrosse (FLC Staff Member)

FLC means making life-long friends with not only people but with the beautiful camp grounds and the Adirondacks. FLC means that I can view the star studded sky on a clear night. FLC means that I could spend the best summers of my life teaching and playing sports, swimming in the lake, hiking to Big Rocks, laughing constantly, going to the Black Hole, going to SPAC, nights off in Lake George, campfires on Sunday nights, Candlelight,  and not having a care in the world. Jack Fass (FLC Alum)

To me, FLC is my second home.  Having spent more than 30 summers at camp in various capacities, FLC has been an integral part of my life since age 10.  I think about camp on a daily basis- the Confer family, the campers and counselors I met along the way, the hiking and canoeing trips into the Adirondack wilderness, and the FLC traditions (Marathon, Candlelight, Red & Blue Day, etc).  FLC also provided me with the experience I needed for pursuing a career in middle school education.  FLC will always hold a special place in my heart. – Chris Stammer (FLC Alum)

FLC means friendships that last forever, extremely fun activities, amazing counselors, and outstanding memories. My best friends are the people I meet at camp, and I am so grateful. -Kylie Finkelstein (FLC Camper)

Forest Lake has been my home for the past 3 summers and has given me the opportunity to share my passion and love for horseback riding with so many. Naturally my favorite place on camp is my riding rings. FLC has given me so much joy and happiness in seeing riders develop over the years. I have been so lucky to be able to add my own part to the riding program and this summer we saw the comeback of riding pack out trips. I am so grateful to all who helped make these trips possible and to all my riders who came out of them. FLC is so special that it allows us to create experiences for campers and staff that would not be possible without the incredible location Forest Lake is situated in. There is no place quite like FLC. -Harriet Young (FLC Horseback Riding Director)

FLC gives me the opportunity to both see friends that I have made over the years and also meet new ones. Also, I always look forward to take part in the Color Wars, it’s a lot of fun. -JP Roa (FLC Camper)

As a parent I’ve seen how JP enjoys going to Camp every year. There’s a sense of belonging to FLC that I see in him. When I went to pick him up this summer, I could tell that this had been his best season ever. He never stopped talking about all the things he did and the people he met, and how short it was! He told me that we wanted to come for the full season next year. I feel that he grows as person and the young man he’s becoming a little more after each summer. -Pablo Roa (FLC Father)

FLC means to me to find a lot of new friends, have the greatest summer possible and the most fun you can expect, teaching kids a lot of new things and get taught by them about things we forgot growing up! FLC means to me being part of something big and unforgettable! -Leon Hering (FLC Staff member)

To me, FLC means spending countless hours down at the stables! It is also about making great friendships with both staff and campers that will last a lifetime. -Shauna McCombie (FLC Assist. Horseback Riding Director)

FLC means my second home to me – because when I think of everything that defines a home FLC fulfills them. The people who are all there are like family to me and are some of my closest friends who I know I can always confide in and trust. I feel most comfortable at FLC and I know when I am there I will always be supported and cared for by everyone there. Like a home, I know that no matter what I can always come back to it. – Emily Brew (FLC Counselor)

When people ask what FLC means to me, thousands of thoughts race through my mind. FLC could be a lot of things like, a home away from home, never ending fun, something you will never forget etc… but, one word always juts out… Family. FLC brings together many different people from all around the world and no one would think by the end of 2, 3, 4, 5, 0r 7 weeks, would the campers be able to get to know each other, bond, and in the end become one big family on Boys Hill. The reason I keep coming back,  is to see my family that only sees each other for a couple weeks, it’s like one big family reunion. In the end, Forest Lake is a place that is near and dear to my heart and many other kids from around the world as well. Going to FLC to have fun is one thing but, going to FLC to build never ending relationships is another. -Dylan Matamala (FLC Camper)

What does FLC mean to you? Leave a comment below sharing your relationship with FLC!