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End of the Summer 2016 Newsletter

What Does FLC mean to our staff, campers and parents?


Each summer we ask our campers, staff and families at the end of a session, “What does FLC mean to you?”  Reflections vary but a there is always a common thread that weaves responses together showing FLC to be a community of growing relationships, a place so many consider to be a second home and a place where people feel comfortable being themselves. Read on to hear some reflections of summer 2016 from our camp community.

At FLC I have made lots of friends and I have learned new and exciting things! I also love all the nature, DSC_0772and being outside all day long. FLC is my 2nd home! This summer was my 2nd year at Forest Lake and I am very excited to return next summer! – Izze Brand (Jr. Camper)

It’s hard to describe the feeling I get each summer when I pull up on to the camp road. I’ve never felt more loved or more myself than I do when surrounded by those I have come to call family at Forest Lake. FLC has been my safe haven every year for 15 summers and I’m quite sure I will never find a place in which I will be surrounded by so many genuinely wonderful people who care about me no matter what. FLC has, and always will, mean the world to me and I could not be more grateful for my time there. There’s a quote that, with some FLC modifications, I have found perfectly describes how I feel about this place. “For those who know Forest Lake, no explanation’s necessary, and for those who don’t, no explanation will ever suffice.”Meghan Cullen (FLC Counselor)

FLC is a place where you can be yourself, come out of your shell, and be as silly as you want to be. To me, DSC_0775FLC is now a second home and a place where I cannot wait to return to when I am not there. Through FLC, I have met some amazing people who are not only my friends for the summer but all year round and no matter what state or country they may be in, I always know they are there for me. FLC has allowed me to make unbreakable friendships, unforgettable memories, and worthwhile experiences. I am grateful for FLC.Jade Henke (FLC Counselor)

FLC is so special to me because there is no where else in the world where I feel so safe and supported. The friends you make at FLC will truly last a lifetime.  –Emily Brew (FLC Counselor)

We cannot thank FLC enough for allowing our daughters to grow in their own space and be themselves at FLC, while having each other only a cabin apart.  We are so proud of both of them and their accomplishments this summer. We know that they’re happy not only because of what we do as a family throughout the year, but because of their time at FLC.  While our girls are certainly not ones you would describe as shy, they have come back from FLC not only more confident in themselves, but mentally, physically and emotionally stronger. – Marnie Gizzie (FLC Parent)

Haley and Olivia had their best summer yet!  Haley will remember the summer of 2016 forever thanks to DSC_1071FLC. It was an experience of a lifetime. She grew up. She learned about herself and her limits. She gained self-confidence and awareness. She became more worldly and open minded. Under FLC’s guidance she lived and loved and learned.Kate Wilson (FLC Parent)

This was a remarkable summer indeed not only for Qiwei (QQ) but also for our family, which we owe to FLC!  In order to join FLC, we made up our mind to visit the US as a family for the first time. We flew to NY & drove nearly 800km round trip, in order to send our daughter away for the first time in her life … And, it’s all worth it!  QQ had a great time at FLC & made lasting friendship.  She’s built up her confidence, independence, as well as interest for new things.  FLC has proven not just to be a sleep-away camp for kids, but a spring board to one’s life.Helen and Winston Feng (FLC Parents)

FLC means everything to me!  The bond that forms between you and your fellow counselors and campers (especially the brotherhood on boys’ camp) is something that I have never experienced before and I don’t think will be replicated anywhere else. Every year I leave Forest Lake Camp, I leave with a bigger brotherhood of friends than I came with and I can’t be more grateful for it!Dan Graham (FLC Counselor)

The magic of this place is unique. There is no other location that I have visited that could come close to providing the same feeling of belonging that is generated by the community that makes its home in these mountains. In FLC not only have I found a second home, but I have also found an extension of my family, built by relationships that will last a lifetime.Jack Kenderdine (FLC Counselor)

FLC is special to me because my children have grown up there. They learned to be themselves. Express DSC_1045themselves without fear. Challenge themselves..and they learned that people ( no matter where they come from or what they look like or what they believe in) are people to be loved and valued and people to learn from!! They have been blessed to do that in one of the most beautiful places in the world AND they got to share it with their parents, their uncle and their cousins!  How blessed are we! Thank you Forest Lake Camp. We love you to the moon and back!  –Kelly Cullen (FLC Nurse and Parent)

FLC is an incredible place. It is a home away from home where lifelong friendships are made. It’s a place to grow, laugh and inspire each other: a place that has a tremendous impact on you – there is no where else like it.Eleanor Clack (FLC Counselor)

Every week I held a themed meeting for the LITs. I remember going into our second meeting titled “Empathy and Awareness” with a list of values I hoped to pass on to the girls. I was blown away by the insight and maturity they brought to our discussion and the lessons they ended up passing on to me. They explored concepts such as understanding others to better understand yourself, putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and the importance of listening to others. They built off of each other’s ideas and worked together to form a strong understanding of empathy and awareness. As I left the meeting, I remember thinking to myself, “I learned something from these girls today!” FLC is important to me because in a close-knit environment free of technology, it has shown me the value in learning through conversation and learning from the people around me — particularly when I am least expecting it. -Caroline Kravitz (FLC Counselor)

DSC_1096The school year is filled with hours spent at the library, constant distractions, and most of all stress. A summer at FLC helps me get away from all of that. This summer I spent my time with some of the best people that this world has to offer doing the things that I love. I get to run, swim, climb, and most of all spend time with some truly amazing kids in an amazing place. Not a day passes by where you aren’t in awe of the amazing Adirondack surroundings and it is truly a treat. The summer of 2016 was one of the best of my lives and that is because I spent it at a beautiful place with beautiful people and I am counting the days until I’m there again.  -Andy Menard (FLC Counselor)

What FLC means to me is it’s a place where you can be your best self. Whether it is leading a healthier life or challenging yourself out of your comfort zone, camp is for self improvement. FLC is a place to reflect on your life and make choices towards a life you love. FLC makes me a fuller person and a better friend. –Liz Regiel (FLC Nurse)

This was my daughter Kylie’s first time being away from us and we were not sure what to expect. Most importantly, we were amazed at how friendly the staff was and how much they cared about Kylie having the best possible camp experience.  Kylie was pushed out of her comfort zone in creating new friendships and trying new activities.  Kylie came home more emotionally mature and definitely more responsible.  We are so grateful that Kylie chose to join the FLC family! –Laura Finkelstein (FLC mom)