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March 2016 Newsletter

WF – pronounced WOOF – is FLC’s waterfront

DSC_0379Everybody loves WF at FLC. When the days feel hot and the campers are working hard in their activities, campers long for the hour when the whole camp descends upon the waterfront for some refreshing and lively fun.  What makes FLC’s waterfront special? Our campers value our waterfront because of its different structure.  Most of the day, campers sign up for activities to learn new skills and deepen existing skills in activities like pottery, rugby, basketball, climbing, riding, tennis and archery. WF is a time to be with your whole camp while picking and choosing different waterfront activities. Below are a few reflections from our campers and staff about their time down at WF and a message from our 2016 waterfront director, Brett Booker. 

Brett Booker
dock outWhat excites you as you think about becoming  FLC’s 2016 waterfront director? I’ve been lucky enough to work with some terrific Waterfront Directors at FLC going back to my early years working as a Kayak instructor under the watchful eye of Coach Pariseau, then Bob Flory and later Captain Tuna. In recent years we have seen Jamie Scoular, Jay Goldstein and Ben Nichols take on the role and having my name associated with that group of Alumni is very exciting indeed. The chance to be a part of, what is for many one of the most favorite activity areas on camp is going to mean a tremendously rewarding summer for me. 

What new things can the campers expect to see at WF in summer 2016? I’m hoping to bring some new activities to the Waterfront this year that campers should be very excited about. Crib Whiffle ball, Tie Dye art sessions, Night fishing, Fitness classes, Sand Art, Meditation and regular polar bear swims. An organized 3 on 3 volleyball tournament during both sessions and of course we will also be playing Dock-out on a regular basis.

What three words sum up the way you feel you about waterfront at FLC? Safe Swimming, Relaxation, fun.


Camper and Staff reflections of their time down at WF

DSC_0590“What I love about waterfront is also what is unique about it. Waterfront is a period during the day where we all get to relax and do as we please. After mandatory swim comes to a close, the campers have the option to splash around, lounge, play volleyball, etc., and there is no set plan or list of activities we must do. Its a nice hour to let loose and have some talking time with your friends! One of my favorite waterfront memories also goes down as my favorite summer moment at camp. It was a special day where open waterfront was the activity for a few hours. It was a beautiful, warm sunny afternoon. Brett was the DJ playing one of my favorite songs, “Upside Down”, and we’re all enjoying a bb-q while I was enjoying an intense game of volleyball! Waterfront is always a fun time.” -Sam Alleva (2016 LIT camper)

What I LOVE about being down at waterfront is being able to cool off after a hot day, and getting the chance to use the boats to have some fun. My favorite WF memory was when I learned to sail. It was a cool and interesting experience. I hope that the campers truly appreciate waterfront because when back in school you can look back at the fun time you had in Forest Lake with your friends and it will make you smile. -George Potterton (2016 LIT Camper)

There are many memories I have had down at WF. It is had to choose just one, I remember in 2010 when there were a small amount of campers, and we had to join Green and Red, and Blue and White teams. We had a day filled with competitions like swimming, diving, belly flops, canoeing games and more. I was only 9, but I remember it like it was yesterday. –Mimi Muci ( 2016 LIT Camper)

“What I love about WF is that campers can choose what they do at the lake.  There are a variety of activities to choose from or it is just a relaxing place to be! FLC’s waterfront is private so it is unique experience in that you share it with no others. It is all ours! One of my favorite things to do at WF is going on the long distance swims form Bass Rock to New Beach! I hope to do more this summer.”   –Hailey Wilson  (2016 LIT camper)

“Something that I love down at the waterfront is the endless possibilities, not just in the water but on the beach as well. From playing ultimate frisbee, kicking a soccer ball, or making sand castles, there’s always so much to do. Besides swimming in the lake, canoeing and kayaking are just some of the other fun activities available at waterfront at FLC. I love all the exciting things you can accomplish down at WF!  One thing that’s unique about FLC’s waterfront is that our lake is totally private. We don’t share the lake with anyone and that gives campers the freedom and endless possibilities to achieve anything down at the lake!  One of my favorite memories at WF is from my first summer at camp (this will be Alexis’s 6th summer at FLC) and I was with my sister and one of our counselors, Lilje. We were digging holes in the sand and Lilje said, “These are some DAPE holes!” Meaning to say DEEP, we laughed for hours after that. We even still laugh and joke about that word we made up to this very day! Small little moments create lasting memories at FLC.” -Alexis Klein (2016 LIT camper)

“I love being down at the lake as much as I can. As a camper, I looked forward to WF every day and was often the last one out of the water. As a lifeguard, my job is to keep WF a safe and happy place. My favorite waterfront activity is stand up paddle boarding! I love challenging campers to try headstands or fun tricks on the SUP – they love it too!”-Emily Fagan (FLC Counselor)

The waterfront is a unique spot on camp to me because it has the potential to be either one of the most exciting or tranquil places on camp, depending on the activities taking place. It is great to see campers come together to get what they want out of their time, whether it is a quiet period of fishing or the intensity of color wars, waterfront was an exciting and beautiful place to spend each of my days. Being the Waterfront Director means having the BEST OFFICE EVER! My first year as Waterfront Director we had camper who lacked the ability to swim effectively and refused to go in any deeper than his ankles. Over the course of his time at Forest Lake, with the gentle push of the staff and his friends, this camper ended up picking up swimming very quickly (not surprising given his athletic prowess.) More importantly however the camper seemed to completely conquer his fear of the water and even managed to pass the legendary FLC swim test. Ben Nicols (’14, ’15 Waterfront Director)

There is nothing better than jumping into the lake with all your friends after a morning full of activities. The endless activities offered down at the waterfront give the kids hours of fun with their counselors. The waterfront is a safe place with an abundance of lifeguards and counselors who can offer kayaking, canoeing, sailing and paddle boarding coaching sessions.

One of my favorite memories of waterfront is the red vs blue belly flop competition. The dock is filled with 100 boys all cheering and all wincing at the excellent quality of belly flops that are demonstrated.  

Our campers love waterfront because there is so much to do and every now and then  they will be challenged to a game of dock out by Brett Booker. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon! Swimming, relaxing on the beach or an intense game of volleyball  there is so much to do at waterfront. Jamie Kerrigan ( 2016 Boys Camp Head Counselor)