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Summer Vacation at Upstate NY Family Camp

Are you trying to find a fun and inexpensive vacation this summer for your family? Have you ever considered family camp? At Forest Lake Camp, we offer an upstate NY family camp every year for one week. Family camp provides endless opportunities to try out new things, learn new skills, and get the rest and relaxation that is much needed on a vacation.

Every year, families from all over come to Forest Lake Camp for one week in August to have the best vacation ever. So why should you consider this for your family? First, if you’re considering sending your son or daughter to summer camp, but not sure if they will like it, family camp is a great way to try it out. Children will be able to participate in a wide array of family camp activities that are also offered at summer camp. These activities include team sports, arts & crafts, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, wilderness DSC_0851skills, and more! You can choose to do these activities either together as a family or separate, allowing children to experience the fun of summer camp by themselves. Our family camp facilities are constantly being improved and updated to give families the best vacation ever. We have one and a half miles of private shoreline, waterfront amenities, fields, courts, and space for every single activity offered. In addition to these, families will be given the option to have their own or share their family camp cabin with another family. Thus allowing families to share the joy of family camp with friends, relatives, or by themselves! Parents, family camp isn’t just fun for the children, its fun for you too! You can decide what activities you would like to participate in (with or without your children) or just spend a day relaxing by the lake! The options are endless and a great alternative from the typically expensive vacation. Spending a week at family camp is a great getaway from the stress and pressure at school or work and a great way to have some much needed relaxation and family time.

Now that you’ve heard how great family camp is, are you ready to sign your family up for the best upstate NY family camp?! Call Forest Lake Camp at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to sign up today!