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January 2015 Newsletter

Reflections & Stories From Girls’ Cabin 6

FLC 2015 session 1 Girls cabin 6

Each month we feature a different cabin from our 2014 summer. This month we are featuring Girls’ Cabin 6. Reflections from our cabin counselors and campers in this cabin best exemplifies the camaraderie, fun and spirit of cabin life at FLC. It also helps our campers and staff keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.  Thank you to all who shared!

FLC 2015 session 2 girls cabin 6“It was such a pleasure getting to know the girls in Cabin 6. Coming from many different parts of the world, each girl brought her own distinct perspective and humor to the cabin. However, they all shared a deep kindness and consideration for others that was a joy to witness. I had the privilege of watching the girls grow and change in both small and large ways over the course of a few short weeks, and for that I will always be grateful. –Paige Peterkin, Cabin Counselor

Cabin 6 was a hugely diverse cabin. We had girls from all over the world ranging from China to Mexico, and all over the United States. The girls constantly shared relics, stories, and traditions from home with each other, each bringing a part of their culture to the cabin. The curiosity and openness shown by each member of Cabin 6 paved the way for the respectful, diverse community we created in our cabin by the end of the summer. –Caroline Kravitz, Cabin Counselor

Cabin 6 was such a family. That’s the only way I can really describe it. There were nights when I wished they didn’t have to go to bed because we were sitting or laying in a circle talking about life or just being silly. Those girls reminded me why I love my job, and what it’s like to feel truly loved.  Those girls made our little wooden cabin in the mountains [which somehow managed to get incredibly hot almost every night] feel like home. One of my favorite memories from Cabin 6 was the afternoon when we were all sitting on the floor, sharing stories and we all just fell asleep together, on the hardwood floor, resting our heads on one other or on yoga mats or shoes. Waking up was hilarious, but it was also incredibly indicative of what our cabin would come to be: really close. I miss my auto bots so much, and I hope they’re having an amazing year!” –Ryan Difalco, Cabin Counselor

“Forest Lake Camp is a special place to me because I met my best friends there! I look forward to color wars, July 4th & a break from technology.”  – Hailey Wilson, Camper

“Living in cabin 6 for four weeks was possibly the most fun I have ever had. Having the best counselors, and the best girls to live with really made my camp experience so much better. Every night we would gather on the floor, sit in a circle, and just talk about anything: our day, silly stories, life back at home, past summer experiences and memories, and so much more. I always looked forward to these talks because it made us become closer (if that was even possible). This past summer was so fun and it’s because I had such an amazing cabin with three caring, mother-like, incredible counselors, and twelve insanely crazy, loud, lovable best friends.”  -Alexis Klein, Camper