October 2017 Newsletter

Reflections from 1st year Counselor

This summer was my first year working at FLC, and was the best summer of my life! The time that I spent with campers and counselors was unforgettable. From lifeguarding, to walking as quickly as possible to every activity, to filming and taking photos, every day was different and unique. I had been a camper at other sleep-away camps, but becoming a counselor changed my perspective on every aspect of camp in unimaginable ways.

I think that the times spent smiling, joking around, and laughing will always be ingrained in my memory. From coaching tennis, something new but exciting for me, and attending the campers’ tournaments, to lifeguarding and teaching activities that I hadn’t done at home, to hanging out with campers, a day did not pass by that I didn’t smile and laugh.

My fondest memories were spent right next to nature. From singing songs with the campers and counselors as the sun said goodnight and the moon said hello to us on Lookout Mountain, to swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the lake, I always felt at ease.

“Forest” can be interchangeable with “family” in “FLC.” Since the staff spends so much time together, and every staff member is so unique and loving, the team becomes very close in a short amount of time. During the beginning of staff week, I felt like I had known certain people for years rather than days. Every staff member is at FLC because they care about people and are extremely selfless, so making friendships that last a lifetime was not difficult.

As one of my wonderful co-counselors, Abi, once said, “Whatevs, whatevs.” When I wasn’t feeling my best or was feeling overwhelmed, I knew that it was temporary and things would improve. Additionally, I knew that I had a huge support system that knew exactly what I was going through. Specifically, my co-counselors really helped me through my highs and lows throughout the summer. From joking around, to talking about our pasts and futures, I knew that I could always count on them.

I have a notebook filled with quick journal entries that I scribbled down during rest time and right before bed, and moments that just made me smile. I recently looked at it for the first time since I departed from camp, and it genuinely warmed my heart. It’s so easy to look towards the future and not reflect on good memories.

FLC will always be a part of mine and many other’s stories, no matter where we go. I cannot thank FLC enough for allowing me to meet and befriend so many wonderful people from around the world, and for helping me grow and become the best person I can be.  🙂

– Kyleen Considine (2017 FLC Counselor)

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