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Questions to Ask When Selecting A Sleepaway Camp in New York


Are you considering sending your son or daughter to sleepaway camp this summer? Forest Lake Camp, a sleepaway camp in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, is the perfect choice. When considering camps, make sure you ask yourself these four questions.

1) What does your child want to do at camp? Make sure your child helps to decide which camp he or she would like to attend. They will be the one spending their summer at sleepaway camp in New York so make sure they are excited to attend whichever camp is chosen.

2) What does the camp offer? Does your son or daughter want to learn a new skill or continue one? Do they want to spend their day playing sports or doing art projects? Forest Lake Camp offers a bunch of different sleepaway camp activities your child can choose from as well as special events, like Color Wars, that your child can take part in.

3) What do you want your child to achieve at camp? Find out the sleepaway camp’s philosophy and goals for the campers. Also find out how the staff is hired and what their roles are. Many new campers experience homesickness so find out how the camp handles it. Make sure to find out if there is a nurse or doctor located on the property as well. Contact us to find out more information about our summer camp in New York.

4) How much is it all going to cost? Yes, camp is VERY expensive. But camp can be an investment that allows children to gain skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. See if there is any financial aid for sleepaway camps available or a payment plan to help with the costs.

If you’re interested in the best sleepaway camp in New York, contact Forest Lake Camp  at (518) 623-4771 for more information or to schedule a tour.