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Packing For Boys Summer Camp Near Massachusetts


Can you believe there is only a little less than one month until the first day of summer camp? Here at Forest Lake Camp, we are counting down the days until our campers arrive for the best summer ever! Parents, now that drop off day is getting closer, have you started thinking about packing? Don’t worry, here at Forest Lake Camp we have come up with a few tips to make packing for our boys summer camp near Massachusetts a little less stressful.


LIST: This may seem obvious, but create a packing list. We have our own summer camp packing list for you to reference, which has everything that your son or daughter will need for summer camp. In addition to this list, send your child to camp with another list of everything you packed. In the event that they are looking for or lost something, they can check the list.

LABELS: Every single item that gets packed should be labeled. A lot of parents like to use iron on labels and permanent laundry markers, which seem to work pretty well.

TOILETRIES: We have a list of recommended toiletries on our summer camp packing list. Consider investing in a shower caddy or some kind of container to make carrying everything to and from the showers more convenient. Also, when packing any liquids, make sure to put them in a plastic bag in case they leak.

MEDICATIONS: Our camp nurses administer all medications. This includes both prescription and non-prescription. On drop-off day, our nurse will perform a health check and you will be able to discuss any medications at this time. Keeping our campers healthy and safe is our first priority, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Bringing any equipment is optional. We provide sports equipment for our summer camp activities but if your child would like to bring his or her own, that is allowed. Make sure that it’s labeled!

HOMESICK: Feeling homesick is almost inevitable. To try and reduce the homesickness at summer camp, pack some reminders of home. Maybe some pictures, a blanket, or small stuffed animal. Any items that will remind your camper of home will help. Don’t forget paper, envelopes, stamps, and something to write with for letters to send home!

DON’T PACK: We do not allow electronics at camp; any electronic devices will be confiscated and kept in the camp safe until the last day of camp. However, we do allow mp3 players, but they can only play music. No cell phones, laptops, or gaming systems can be brought to summer camp, we feel that they take away from the summer camp experience. Any weapons, expensive jewelry, lighters, matches and cash are also not allowed at summer camp.

Hopefully those tips helped a little bit! If you’re interested in a boys summer camp near Massachusetts, contact Forest Lake Camp at (518)-623-4771 to schedule a tour or get more information!