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Finding the Right New York Overnight Camp

Yes, we know that summer might be right around the corner, but for now spring has just begun! However, the earlier that you find a camp, the less stressed you will be in the long run and more money you are likely to save. Finding the perfect camp may seem impossible, but Forest Lake Camp is here to help! Our New York overnight camp has come up with a few tips in order to make this process a little easier on you, because we know how difficult it can be. So, in order to find out more we encourage you to keep on reading to find out how to find the perfect camp for your son or daughter!

  • Start your search early. Many camps will offer some kind of discount to the traditional or average camp rates for those who sing their children up early. In addition to saving some money, you won’t have to stress about finding a camp in a short amount of time. Many parent wait until March or April to begin looking, and it’s very common for camps to be filled or to be put on a waiting list at that point. To guarantee your child a spot, select the perfect camp as early as possible.
  • The best way to guarantee that your son or daughter enjoys the camp is by sending them to one that offers activities that he or she is interested in. Traditional overnight camp activities include everything from swimming and sports to hiking and other outdoor adventures. When beginning your search, ask your child what he or she is interested in doing this summer. Some children may want to try something new while others prefer to continue on with their favorite activity at home, so let your child make the decision.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with and trust the camp staff at the camp. See what kind of hiring process and training they went through. At Forest Lake Camp, we believe that our staff is one of the best, and ready to give your child the best summer ever!

Are you looking for a New York overnight summer camp for your son or daughter next summer? Then contact Forest Lake Camp today! Call us at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to schedule a tour of the campgrounds.