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March 2017 Newsletter

New Camper Reflects On Summer 2017

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What is your name?My name is Lucy and this will be my first summer at Forest Lake Camp.

Where are you from?I’m from Montclair, new jersey.

How many siblings do you have?I have one sister and her name is nora and she is going to miss me when I’m at camp. 

What are some of your favorite extra curricular activities?I like to draw after school on Wednesday.

What are you most excited to do at Forest Lake Camp?I’m very excited to do archery because it is very fun for me and it is very creative for me to shoot a bow and arrow. 

What activity are you most looking forward to at Forest Lake Camp?I think the most fun part of camp is the horseback riding because you can train the horse to jump. 

What things will you bring with you to camp this summer?
I will bring some of my stuffed animals and especially I will bring my dog pictures.

What do you think your parent’s favorite activities would be at Forest Lake Camp?I think my dad would like archery too and my mom would like horseback riding.

As parents, what do you hope for your child to experience in their first summer away at Forest Lake Camp? 
We are excited for Lucy to explore nature, make new friends from different parts of the country and build her confidence and sense of independence.

Join us for summer 2017 – space is limited! 

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