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May 2017 Newsletter

New Camper Reflection about summer 2017

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My name is Naomi Brightman. I’m from Cornwall, VT, and I’m in 6th grade. I have a little sister, Hailey, who is two. I love sports, and do soccer, lacrosse, rock climbing club, and will start cross country and track next year in Middle School. I also do an after school Show Chorus and love to perform, whether it’s singing or acting. In the winter, I skate and ski on the weekends.

This summer at FLC I am definitely excited for rock climbing, soccer, and lacrosse, because I do those sports and I really like them. I’m also looking forward to swimming. I think I want to try other things that I haven’t before, though, so I’ll be doing tons at camp. Wow, and add archery to the mix. I’ll be busy! I also want to say, I’m excited for mealtimes, the food, the cheering, being louder than they boys, etc

I think music and arts & crafts will be fun, too. A break from all of the sports and things, and a way to just mess around with materials and instruments. I’m also hoping for a giant capture the flag match as well, or some big game.

I think that I’ll bring some photos of my friends and family (one of the only people I know from home goes to the boys camp), and just one of my stuffed animals. Eh, I’ll be so busy, I don’t think I need to decorate my bunk too much.

I think my parents would enjoy hiking especially. Both are always looking forward to a long hike in the Adirondacks, and I know my mom likes the views from Lookout.

To sum things up, I’m super excited about coming to FLC for my first time this summer!