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March 2016 Newsletter

FLC Spotlight Article On Anthony Giaquinto


For many years, a large portion of Forest Lake campers hailed from Long Island. When Anthony Giaquinto attended FLC from 1984-1986, he was no exception. Anthony’s family lived in East Hampton, NY which is an oceanfront town on the south shore of Long Island. Going off to a camp in the Adirondacks was quite a change and, for Anthony, filled with excitement.



WP_20150920_005Following his years at FLC, Anthony attended Fordham University and soon entered the real estate and construction field. He bought his first property when he was 25 years old and simultaneously began his own business. He has been involved in projects ranging from 50k into the 3 -4 million dollar range.Currently, Anthony is developing a financial market website that he hopes to have on line by mid 2016.

In spite of his professional success, Anthony considers his greatest achievement to be his family. He and his wife, Gwyn, have three children – Olivia, Andrew, and Eric – who may be candidates for FLC. The Giaquintos live in Princeton, Illinois.

Anthony’s interests now are hiking, weight training, coaching soccer, and lecturing on the wonders of ancient Rome (“to those who will listen”).

Reflecting on his Forest Lake experience, Anthony cites two key features – learning to waterski on Forest Lake with the patient help of FLC instructors and the wilderness trip program which provided a sense of adventure and excitement. He sums up his time at FLC with the statement, “The collective experience of FLC remains for me a truly special moment in my life.”

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