October 2017 Newsletter

Ines Costa reflects on her LIT experience

What was a highlight for you this past summer? This past summer was probably the best one I had at FLC. Having more responsibilities was at the same time challenging and so much fun.  Just being an LIT, with the amazing group we had, was my highlight.

What areas of personal growth do you feel you experienced this summer? The LIT program allows people to grow in so many different ways. Thanks to the rope course at SUNY ADK, I learned how to work as a team. By volunteering at the IRON MAN, I saw how people push themselves to their limits physically and mentally, which helped me believe in myself for the LIT biathlon. The LIT project taught me the importance of giving back to the community. Leading activity periods helped improve my skills as a leader.  Moving into a junior cabin during 2nd session allowed me to be responsible for someone else other than myself, which was one of the most valuable experiences of my life because it showed me responsibilities I had not known before.

How did the experience of giving back to FLC feel through the completion of the LIT project? I never imagined I would have to build my own garden! I come from a big city in France, and I never had a lot of contact with nature, except at camp. So building a “garden” was such a good experience, not only for me but for the future generations of campers who will be able to eat vegetables grown at camp.

What values from your LIT summer have you taken home with you as you enter into your junior year and as you think about the year ahead? I think that believing in myself is definitely one of the values I “found” this summer at camp.  I need to do it more at home, especially now that I’m starting the two final years of high school.

Why would you encourage others to participate in the LIT experience at FLC? I would encourage others to participate in this program for so many reasons. It’s an unique experience, you only get to do it once in a lifetime, it helps you become a leader in an environment you already know and in a community you love, surrounded by amazing people.

– Ines Costa (2017 LIT)

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