October 2017 Newsletter

Forest Lake Camp’s Five Pillar Curriculum

At FLC, campers have the opportunity to focus on all aspects of learning and growth through participation in a wide range of activities, both on and off camp. At the start of the summer, new campers learn about FLC’s 5 pillars, which act as the cornerstone of their learning and growth while at FLC. All of FLC’s activities fall under these 5 pillars: Team Sports, Adventure Sports, Waterfront, Creative Arts, and Wilderness and Nature. Each activity period campers have the opportunity to select an activity that falls under one of the 5 pillars. This allows campers the free choice to explore, feel challenged to try new things and equally to build off of the things they already know and love!

FLC’s mission is to inspire growth, instill confidence and have fun. The way our activity sign up works each day allows for us to carry our mission forward. As sign ups for activities go, campers are often able to sign up for their first choice activity; however, at times they do get signed into their 2nd or 3rd activity of choice. Participating in your 2nd or 3rd choice activity can be equally as beneficial and rewarding as participating in your 1st choice activity.  Encouraging our campers to try things they may not otherwise do is a valued part of the FLC experience and what leads to the growth of our campers.  Equally, if a camper feels they have not had the opportunity to participate in a specific activity, we teach and model advocating for one self.  Campers are encouraged and supported to speak up in positive ways to request for specific activities to be put on the schedule. This is one of the reasons we value the ever changing daily schedule.

Check out FLC Girls’ Camp Daily Schedule: https://forestlakecamp.com/girls-camp-daily-schedule/

Check out FLC Boys’ Camp Daily Schedule: https://forestlakecamp.com/boys-camp/fun-filled-days-at-flc-boys-camp/

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