September 2017 Newsletter

FLC Leaders in Training Program

FLC’s LIT summer is about discovering new opportunities to lead and to grow.  LIT’s experience the value of working with others and how it feels to impact a community in positive and productive ways.  FLC’s LITs experience the deep value of making connections with others through active involvement in teaching activities, working within a junior cabin, engaging in the greater camp community and through community outreach opportunities.  Each LIT discovers their unique leadership style while building on existing strengths.

Apart from affecting positive change in young lives, each summer our LIT group decides on and completes a LIT Project. Projects have varied from amazing trail work to the building of Adirondack chairs and the construction of low ropes course elements. The purpose of the project is to give back to the FLC community in a way that future campers can benefit and learn from. This past summer’s project was the design and construction of an LIT Garden.  LITs worked hard to design, plan and construct a 3-raised bed garden.  With the support from Gary Confer, the project was completed and will support many years of fruitful growing for campers and staff.  We look forward to seeing how it flourishes in summer 2018 and look forward to the many hands who will contribute to its positive impact in summers to come. Nice job 2017 LITs! You did great work.

We are beginning the LIT application process and hope that if you are age eligible, you will consider applying and joining this exciting team of young leaders.

If you have any questions or if you are ready to apply, please visit: https://forestlakecamp.com/flc-leader-in-training-program/