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May 2017 Newsletter

2017 – First wedding down!


So the dust (or in this case Pollen) has settled on our first wedding of the 2017 season. Though we had rain on arrival Friday, the ceremony Saturday was picture perfect. The couple said their vows on the girls’ soccer field in front of a set of Gridiron goals before a quick photo session at the lake and a reception in the mess hall.

Preparing camp for that first weekend is no small feat, especially since it requires reactivating the water systems that are closed during the freezing winter months. Huge respect to Tyler Guy and Gary Confer for their tireless efforts to get camp up and running in the few short weeks between the thaw and our first event.

So onward we go to wedding numbers 2, 3 and 4 and then it’s over to Summer Camp for 7 weeks before we then get into 7 more weddings, a corporate retreat, 2 school groups, family camp and an Alumni Weekend. If you are not a part of any of those events then perhaps it is either time to sign up for the Alumni Weekend or Family Camp or it is time you scheduled your own FLC event. After all camp is definitely ready to receive you.

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