Forest Lake Camp 2017 Alumni Reunion Weekend August 18th -20th

Dear Forest Lake Camp Alumni:

We are pleased to announce that Forest Lake Camp will be hosting an Alumni Reunion Weekend on August 18th-20th 2017. All campers, staff and wedding couples who have attended FLC are invited, along with their family members for a weekend of celebration and fun.  Two years ago we hosted our last Alumni Reunion to bid a farewell to our old mess hall, now we would like to invite you back to welcome in our brand-new, beautiful mess hall.We encourage you to mark your calendars and join us for this very special weekend!

The festivities and registration will begin Friday afternoon, August 18th, at 3:00 p.m. followed by an early evening cocktail party and cookout. There will be scheduled activities all day Saturday & Sunday until noon, with a special dinner and campfire Saturday night.There will be Red-Blue and Green-White color war competitions and of course the waterfront will be open for all to enjoy.  The complete detailed schedule will be posted soon on the Camp’s website.

Housing and meals are included and feel free to request your favorite cabin from when you were a kid (although we cannot promise all cabin assignments). If you choose to stay off campus you can still join in the festivities and still come for meals.

We would very much appreciate you indicating your intentions by RSVP’ing or contacting us directly.  Please reserve your spot by clicking on 2017 Alumni Reunion Weekend and spread the word!

This will be a wonderful weekend for you and your family to reconnect with FLC and your friends from the past!

ps. We are looking for alum who are interested in joining our 2017 Alumni Reunion Weekend planning committee. The committee will be responsible for assisting in the planning of the weekend and in spreading the word to fellow alums. Contact to learn more. 

2017 Alumni Reunion Weekend Schedule


Registration Cost 

Room and board for the entire weekend

Recent Alum 17 – 20 years old –  $55 per person

Young Alum 21 – 30 years old-  $100 per person

Veteran Alum – 31 and older – $150 per person

Day pass (includes meals)

Friday cookout –  $15 per person

Saturday all meals – $30 per person (breakfast, lunch, Banquet)

Sunday brunch- $10 per person

Sunday Lunch – $10 per person (pack lunch for the road is available)

Kids 16 and under are FREE!

*All Proceeds from the weekend will go toward supporting our Ollie Van Cise Campership Fund

What FLC Alumni had to say about our 2015 Alumni Weekend…….

“I arrived in time for the photo session and the announcement of afternoon activities.  Among the Seniors, almost everyone was recognizable by face or by name.  It is astonishing how a bond can survive in suspension for over 50 years and you can then sit down with an almost-total stranger and start talking on an almost-best-friend basis.  But after the warm drive up the Thruway and my initial meets-and-greets under full afternoon sun, I was ready to go down to the waterfront for some liquid refreshment.  Memories were swirling around my head, thick as gnats, and I heard the skeet-shooting, my afternoon activity of choice, commence behind Cabin 9.  When it became clear that I was trying to out-run the day, I remembered that “it’s the journey, not the destination.”  On the road to the waterfront, I downshifted my feet to first gear but the memory motor was still racing. Looking deep into the woods which brought H. T. Confer here 90 years ago, I noticed that some things were growing, some were dying, and some just flapping in the breeze.   I threw desire to the wind – the forest has been watching us carrying on for years.  I felt reassured that there is plenty here to go around.

It would have been unimaginable on my last night as a camper in Swift Arrow to think that 55 years and one month later I would be sleeping in my same bunk, and that Bob “the Director” Blanck and John “I haven’t thrown an honest punch in decades”  Rousseau would be sleeping in their same counselor beds. In fact, Cabin 3 housed all of the 50’s/60’s alumni warriors with a minimum of pushing or whining.  I used the Indian stealth walk while sneaking to the bathroom and did not elicit a single snort from this cabin full of snoring old men.

After most of the alumni had cleared out, I sat in Gary’s enormous Adirondack chair overlooking the empty softball field, letting the late morning sun burn away the opaque layers that have been obscuring my days as a camper.  Now, maybe I had been in the sun a little too long, but I think I saw Bob Blanck’s granddaughters and their dog leave the tennis courts and start crossing the field, randomly dragging, pushing, crying out, tumbling, laughing, and carrying one another in a lazy progression up toward one of the cabins.  After about 10 minutes they made the return trip in exactly the same fashion. There it was: the unalloyed summer camp experience!   I asked Lilly to sign me up for an 8-week session but she checked her books and said that nothing was available” – Steve Tilden

It is surprising how moving it is to see people you have not seen for 60 years who you first knew when you were eight.  Too bad Gary Baerenklau, Jay Cawley, and Jerry Schwartz did not show.

Forest Lake is special not only because how good my time was there but also because it is an experience shared by both my father and sons.

It was well before the reunion but years after leaving camp that it came to me that a number of the counselors may have liked me but it wasn’t because some called me “super.” – Leo “Buzzy” Fishel

The huge changes at FLC hit me at the Confer Pavilion dedication gathering. The changes – girls, cabins on each end of the Craft Shop, the climbing wall, the girl’s office built on the junior camp shower house, the new cabin (8) next to what was CIT’s 4J & 5J, the girl’s dining hall addition, the elimination of the upper and lower camp’s flag poles, and the Confer home across from the Lodge. The 2015 reunion for me was to have a final meal in the old Mess Hall and look at all the Red & Blue plaques still hanging there. I made all the ones from 1959.**I photographed the campus and sent them onto a former camper, my brother Joseph, whose son also attended FLC. – Jorge Batlle 1949 to 1959

I have to admit feeling a bit like a ghost at the outset, wandering around old haunts, but being together with the older and younger generations soon made me feel more like part of a living continuity.  And the landscape endures – the lake, the surrounding hills, the night sky – at some moments the years seem like a minute passed.  Seeing the oldest camp brochures gave me a goal for 100th Anniversary campfire – to sing “Home on the Range” like they did the first years the camp was open.   The camp is in good hands and I’m certainly happy to feel part of it still – Mike Moran

Check out our 2015 Alumni Weekend Slideshow


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