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January 2017 Newsletter

Enrollment Remains Strong


Every summer since 1926 we have had the privilege to work with a wonderful group of campers from around the country and world while providing life-shaping experiences in a remarkable setting.  Our summer experience only lasts a couple of months but our preparation goes on year-round.  Each off-season we work with families interested in sending their children to FLC. These prospective families come to us from online search sites, referral agents, advertising and most importantly word of mouth. Our FLC families, alums and friends are essential in leading families to FLC.  We are thrilled by the number of families who come to us through family referrals – we would like to sincerely thank our veteran families for sharing their FLC experience with other families!

dsc_0719Forest Lake’s enrollment continues to remain healthy, while maintaining a small and intimate camp, where counselor relationships are critical to the development of the camper. Our anticipation for Summer of 2017 is bubbling over – we just can’t wait until that first camper drives down the road on the morning of June 25th!

Forest Lake Camp’s enrollment continues to remain strong. This in part is due to our strong veteran camper return rate and the new campers that we have recently welcomed into our camp! This is exciting news, and a testament to the commitment and loyalty our FLC families have to Forest Lake.

Growth, however, is not always good news. The truth is we simply cannot house all the campers if this demand continues. Unfortunately, what this means is that sessions will close and some children will need to be put on a wait list.  We recognize that many families are still weighting their decision, but we encourage anyone interested in FLC to sign up as soon possible.

Please consider joining us this summer. We look forward to spending another wonderful summer in the Adirondack mountains with you!