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The “Leader in Training” (LIT) Program at Forest Lake Camp follows a campers last official camper year and is a leadership program specifically designed to not only prepare a camper for being a summer camp counselor, but also a leader in society.


The LIT program is a ‘life’ program that helps prepare kids for adulthood, college, and additional responsibility. It is bigger than a traditional CIT program.

An LIT is first and foremost, a great role model. S/He is someone who embodies the best characteristics of Forest Lake Camp: confident in trying new things, responsible, respectful, fun, and has grown into a leadership role which shows they can be flexible, make positive improvements with little direction, and is willing to take on challenges.

Some of the things a LIT can expect of his/her summer are to:

  • Assist counselors and learn from them in both the cabins and activities
  • Experience the value of reflection through conversation in small groups with a focus on one’s personal journey and the tools needed to move forward in life
  • Be involved in meetings (planning, informational and training)
  • Practice stewardship, both in the FLC community as well as outside of FLC
  • Become a more effective teacher and coach through working with campers and great staff
  • Receive American Red Cross lifeguard/CPR certification
  • Complete an “LIT Project” that will leave a lasting impact on FLC
  • Evaluations and feedback on their performance


The 7 week program will consist of 5 full weeks of structured curriculum with each week consisting of a theme, such as Wilderness, Waterfront skills (including Lifeguard/CPR training), child development and care, and the essentials of planning and leading activities. They will also serve an integral role in planning camp wide activities as well as an LIT service project that will add to Forest Lake Camp and ensure that they leave a lasting legacy at the camp they love so much.

LITs will still have the benefit of a traditional summer camp experience in addition to working closely with FLC’s staff and campers to create a unique and memorable summer for all. Our program aims to balance the transition from being a camper to being a leader at FLC and is designed to help them make that transition as the summer progresses.

If you are 16 years old and going into 11th grade you are eligible to apply to our LIT program. Spots are limited so please make sure you are ready for the added responsibility of being an LIT and are eager to learn and grow at camp.

In order to apply, you must complete the LIT application as well as fill out our online LIT enrollment form.

2021 LIT Application


In making a decision about your candidacy, we will weigh the effort shown through your application as well as through our follow up interview with each candidate.

Be sure to include in your one-page essay why you feel you would make a strong and effective LIT. Please be specific, use examples, and explain your goals for the summer. We also require 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor or coach from your high school.

Completed LIT applications should be sent to [email protected] Upon receiving your LIT application and online enrollment, we will review your submission and make a decision in a timely manner.

FLC’s LIT program is a 7-week program. All 7-week LIT’s will receive a 20% discount to the total tuition with additional early enrollment discounts.

Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the 2020 summer season, all previously accepted LITs for 2020 are welcome to return to camp in 2021 to complete their LIT year without submitting another application. Please notify Caroline ([email protected]) if you intend on returning to camp and joining the LIT class of 2021 as well as enrolling online.  Any 2020 LITs who decide to join the 2021 group will be counted as an additional LIT spot and will not take away from any new applicant’s place.

Timeline for 2021 LIT Application:

Application is due by November 15, 2020

Letter of reference (by a teacher, mentor or coach from your high school) is due by November 15, 2020

For those applications received, interviews will be scheduled and conducted by December 20, 2020

All 2021 LIT acceptances will be announced by January 15, 2021.

All LIT applicants must also enroll and fill out the online camper application by December 31st to be accepted into the 2021 LIT program. If you have already enrolled and are not accepted, refunds will be given.

All 7-week accepted LITs will receive a 20% tuition discount.

Tuition payment is refundable through January 15 2021 once applicants are notified of acceptance.

The small print:

We have reserved these slots for campers who truly show leadership potential and have a desire to excel in the camp setting. This is demonstrated through previous summer experience and performance (if applicable), the application, and a formal interview. All communications and forms should be the work of the applicant. Submission of an application does not indicate an acceptance into the LIT program. Acceptance into the LIT program does not guarantee employment for future summers.