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March 2016 Newsletter

Turning Fear into Flight

945502_10153488627547730_5311470301448361295_nDear FLC Families,

As announced to the FLC Community a couple weeks ago, I have been diagnosed with a type of cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  At a time where my days had been filled with managing the completion of our new dining hall and getting our beautiful property ready for Summer 2016, I have had to take a step back . . . but just for a moment. My prognosis is good. The cancer is contained. I am (relatively) young and healthy. I have a treatment plan. While I am no fool in that the next several months will be tough, it is incomprehensible to understand the support I have from the entire FLC Family. It has been amazing and appreciated and I am counting the days until I return this July to jump in the lake, eat in the new dining hall, help out in Store, and laugh with the campers and staff alike at Campfire.

Over the past 3+ weeks since my diagnosis every cliche in the book has been top of mind or presented to me. “Take one day at a time.” “Just one step forward.” “Carpe Diem.” “Without Struggle there is no Progress.”  They are all true and helpful.  I have also come up with my own saying – “Turning Fear into Fight.”

IMG_0026This experience has provided an opportunity for me to reflect. Reflect on life, family and of course the path I have chosen to be an owner of Forest Lake Camp.  These reflections have come together and allowed me to come up with an idea where I can turn this crazy experience into a positive. So just a week or so ago we created, with the assistance of the American Camp Association, a Camper Survivorship Fund – dedicated to help cancer surviving children attend camp who otherwise would not have been able to afford it. Needless to say the response has been overwhelming and it is amazing to think about the lives who will be so positively impacted as a result. All of the dollars raised will pay for a child or children to attend camp. I am already working with both the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and UVM Medical Center (my 2 hospitals) to have them assist with identifying qualified children. Dana Farber has even indicated an interested in advertising the Camp Survivorship Fund to its network. I have no idea what legs this initiative will end up having but right now I am thinking big and hoping that over time we can not just help 1-2 children for a couple years but rather help tens of children for years and years to come attend summer camps.

My original letter introducing the Camper Survivorship Fund is listed here – https://forestlakecamp.com/camper-survivorship-fund/ – along with an opportunity to donate.  If you have not yet done so but are interested in donating to the Camp Survivorship Fund then even a small donation of $10 adds up and every contribution will help. Donations are fully tax deductible and you will receive a receipt in the mail. Personally – I thank you immensely.

This summer I hope that I will see many of you at Forest Lake dropping kids off, reliving memories or making new ones. I plan on doing all of the above.

Turning Fear into Fight.


Geoff Blanck

FLC Owner/FLC Parent/FLC Alum ’77-‘8

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