October 2017 Newsletter

The Junior Counselor Program Returns to FLC

At FLC we deeply value the impact our veteran alum bring to our camp culture. A big piece of what makes FLC so special is that campers return summer after summer and many of them feel compelled to give back as staff in later years. It is difficult to not be impacted in multiple ways by the power of a summer camp experience like FLC. At FLC we take risks, try new things, and are supported and encouraged to be our true selves. At FLC we share in deep friendships, with both staff and campers, that enrich and bring meaning to our lives known only through the rare experiences of living and playing together in such a tight community. This is what brings campers back summer after summer and this is what compels our oldest campers to want to return on staff.

FLC is excited and proud to welcome back the Junior Counselor (JC) program for 17 year olds who have successfully completed the LIT program. FLC took a break from this program years back because it was not able to provide the structure to support the unique needs of this population. Our Junior Counselors offer a unique and incredibly valuable perspective to camp culture and to FLC tradition. These young staff members understand, first hand, the value of the camper experience and the value of cabin life and relationships. FLC needs these young leaders at camp to help facilitate the camper experience so it can be at its best.

FLC’s JC program will be a select program, offering spots to simply a few in each camp.  Each JC will be mentored by an older veteran staff, but will also have the opportunity to teach to the value of the FLC experience, to share their knowledge and draw from their camper experience, to better support those new to FLC. JC’s will live in junior cabins, typically being a 3rd counselor in the cabin, to provide added support in a role that comes with many new responsibilities.  Unlike the older 18+ staff, all of the JC’s will have their own designated time off away from camp as a group and will share time-off and special events together. If you are a 17 year old FLC alum who has gone through our Leaders in Training program, we encourage you to apply to become a JC in summer 2018!

To apply to be a JC, please contact [email protected] and fill out an online application at https://forestlakecamp.com/contact-us/working-for-flc/