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May2015 Newsletter

Take a hike!

DSC01810One of Forest Lake Camp’s greatest attributes is its campus, with 824 acres there is plenty of wilderness to explore and enjoy. As a camp we feel very fortunate that we can set out on our campus and summit 3 different mountains without ever getting into a vehicle.  Exploring and enjoying the Adirondack mountains is a big part of the Forest Lake Camp Experience. We hope that through our campers time at FLC that they will gain a deep and lasting appreciation for the outdoors and further will have the confidence to pursue outdoor adventures later on in their lives. 

One of the most popular trials at FLC is the one leading to the top of Vampire Mountain. At the top, campers will find an old mirror which leans against a tree. As the tradition goes, hikers enjoy the satisfaction of using the mirror to reflect beams of light back at camp confirming their safe passage up Vampire Mountain. The same mirror sits atop Vampire now that was used generations ago.  

The trail to Lost Lake still maintains its mystery but is no longer quite as “lost” as it once was.  The trail lures hikers to wander its winding path in hopes of finding the elusive Lost Lake.  Maintaining and improving these trails around FLC is part of our continued effort to support our campers’ interest in the outdoors.  Under the vision and efforts of our enthusiastic wilderness staff, Forest Lake Camp works hard to connect its campers to the natural wonders that surround us all at camp.

If you have not seen camp from atop Vampire, it is a hike worth taking.  If you have heard of Lost Lake but question its existence, we encourage you to take a hike with us this summer!