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September 2014 Newsletter

It is never too early to think about summer 2015

2014 StaffWith the 2014 camp season behind us, we thankfully reflect on all of the goodness that came from the summer. One of the greatest things is the impact our staff has on our campers and one another. Our 2014 camp season was filled with high energy, creative play, intentional coaching and positive role modeling by our staff. We thank each and every one of them for putting forth their best efforts and for embracing all that Forest Lake embodies.

Now it is time to look ahead to our 2015 summer season. With that, we strongly encourage you to join our incredible team at Forest Lake and fill out our 2015 staff application. Whether you are a new applicant or a returning staff member, the application is live and ready and waiting for you! We look forward to hearing from you. Below are a couple quotes from our 2014 staff reflecting on what makes FLC meaningful to them.

DSC_3597“Working at FLC is meaningful to me because it is the only place in the world where I have ever truly felt at home. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, and the memories I’ve made are irreplaceable.” –Megan Cullen

Working at FLC is special to me because I was able to cultivate relationships with some amazing people from all corners of the world, while feeling like I made a difference in the lives of my campers.” –Ryan Difalco

“Working at FLC is important to me because I get to see my children thrive in a place where they love to be and are surrounded by people who share that love and more importantly love them.” –Paul Difalco

“Working at FLC is meaningful to me because of the lasting bonds and friendships created between all of the wonderful people. It’s a combination of joyful memories and long lasting friendships that encourage people to open up and be themselves, thus fostering this caring and meaningful environment.” –Tom Cox

Jamie Kerrigan“Working at FLC is meaningful to me because it is a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms and given a truly remarkable experience. It is a place where I have my greatest memories. Forest Lake Camp is important to me because it feels like home and you make friends at the start of the summer and by the end of the summer you are just one big family!” –Jamie Kerrigan

If you are interested in working at FLC for our 2015 summer, you can apply online

2015 Staff Application