Spring Projects

Spring projects at FLC

After putting many projects on hold because of the unfortunate circumstances last summer, we are excited to share some of the projects that will be starting up again this spring!

Tennis court- While we demolished the girls camp basketball court and old dance pavilion last fall in preparation, we’re now able to go ahead with the completion of a third tennis court which will be located where the dance pavilion and basketball court were. Expanding our tennis program has been a long time goal of ours, and thanks to this extra court we’ll be able to have larger tennis periods, more game time for campers, and more tournaments throughout the summer!

Annex- After tree damage from a storm last year, Annex has remained closed and unused. The roof has already been repaired, however the interior will be undergoing a whole re-do this spring. Everything will be ready to be used as a cabin for girls camp this summer. Who’s going to be the lucky group that gets to live in the renovated cabin??

Latrine- The beloved latrine (depends on who you ask) will finally be completely revamped into additional housing for staff. Since each boys cabin has had a bathroom added over the last decade, the latrine has been neglected and mostly ignored until we figured out the perfect use for it. Cabin Latrine! Can we call it that? Never fear, you’ll never know from the plans I’ve seen that it was ever anything other than a brand new cabin for boys camp admin. 

Infirmary- Our beloved infirmary will hopefully be getting a little facelift this spring. While long term plans include some larger changes, this year we will just be adding some new paint and light fixtures to brighten up the inside. The infirmary is generally the last place we want anyone to be during the summer, but it’s time for the nurses station, living room, and bedrooms to receive a little TLC. 

Dance Pavilion and Fencing Shed- while these projects were just about completed before last summer, they still feel completely new to us since we haven’t even had the chance to use them yet! Our gigantic new dance pavilion has been sitting in wait for some music and life. Our new fencing shed was handmade by Gary and will be housing our fencing equipment for campers to use in the pavilion during fencing activity periods. 

Interested in coming to help us open camp this spring? Join us for work weekend!