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January 2015 Newsletter

Reflections & Stories from Boys’ Cabin 10

FLC 2nd session 2015 boys cabin 10This month we are featuring boys’ cabin 10 from our 2014 summer. Reflections from our cabin counselors and campers in this cabin best exemplifies the camaraderie, fun and spirit of cabin life at FLC. It also helps our campers and staff keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.  Thank you to all who shared!

FLC 1st session  2015 boys cabin 10“Cabin 10 wasn’t my original home at the start of the 2014 season; I was welcomed into the cabin family two weeks into the session. Welcomed in with a pizza party! Truthfully, it was more of a happy coincidence. Cabin 10 had won a night of pizza for finishing first in the camp wide scavenger hunt, and it so happened that was my first night with them. Although I wasn’t part of their team at that point (in fact I was competing against them), they graciously offered me some of their spoils. Actually, it may have been Marshall Worth’s share they offered, as he was fast asleep for the entire party and didn’t seem to mind :). It was the start of a great bond I felt with members of the cabin. That night we shared lots of laughs and stories.

Something that always struck me about camp in general, and which cabin 10 illustrated very well this past summer, is how much of a home and family feeling persists across weeks and sessions. From week to week at camp, cabin makeup can change.  Yet, through change, cabin life at FLC always feels like home and everyone in it feels like family. New friendships form overnight and the departed seem to stick with us.

None of  the people who laughed with me at the pizza party that first night were the same people who cried with me at second session Candlelight Campfire. It is still difficult to describe the feeling of fellowship I share this past summer with everyone who called Cabin 10 their home.”–Max Ansbro, Cabin Counselor

“This past summer I was lucky enough to experience FLC for the first time! I spent my summer in Cabin 10 and it turned out to be the best summer of my life and I truly believe that is because of the boys in Cabin 10! On the days rain forced us inside we had laughs and games that kept us all occupied and entertained! The rest of our days were spent outside and I had the chance to see my campers engaged in activities from rugby to kayaking, enjoying every second! These boys turned from my campers to my friends and then into family. It was a privilege to watch them grow and mature at camp. Before I left I was asked to describe FLC in one word………..I couldn’t! FLC is the best way anyone could hope to spend their summer and it has a greatness that can’t be put into one word or any amount of words! Cabin 10 was a group of very special young men and I can’t wait to see them again this summer!!” –Jamie Kerrigan, Cabin Counselor

“One of my fondest memories of my time in Cabin 10 this past summer is definitely during the second session rest hour, playing cards. It was the perfect setting for the new kids to become friends and bond with the veteran campers. We would play for the whole hour and all of us got very good at not “getting out” since we knew we would have to wait quite a while to get back in the game. This was a lot of fun for all of us and a great memory from last summer.” -George Potterton, Camper

“Forest Lake is a special place to me because you can be yourself. I had the best time when we had a basketball tournament. The first game we kept missing lay ups and so before the second game our coach gave us a pep talk and then we did really well.” -Nick McHugh, camper