first year girl


My 1st Year at Forest Lake Camp


By Julia H.

My name is Julia and I turned 11 the week after I came home from Forest Lake Camp.

When my mom signed me up for camp, I was really excited but as the date got closer, I was a little nervous about being away from home and not knowing anyone. I’ve never been to camp for 2 weeks.

We made arrangements with Caroline to take a tour. Once we went for the tour I felt so excited because of how nice it looked and how everyone was so welcoming. The counsellors in training took us on a tour and showed us everything. The day I visited it was pouring rain but we still walked around and saw the cabins, lake, trails, and the mess hall.

Even in the pouring rain, it was really nice!

We saw the climbing wall, archery area, softball field, tennis court and other activity areas. When we got home, I looked at all the activities online and thought about how much more excited I was becoming.

My mom helped me pack my clothes and supplies in a big trunk. We made arrangements for sheets and blankets, which made it pretty easy (although I did bring my favorite blanket with me).

Once I got to camp I was nervous about making friends but after I got used to my cabin mates I wasn’t. We had a good time with each other and became friends really quickly. My new friends came from so many different places – we were all able to talk about where we were from and I was also to learn a little Spanish from my friend who lives in Venezuela.

The food was also really delicious! (Julia’s mom’s note: Julia is a foodie!! I’m not surprised that she loved the food at camp.)

The best part of Forest Lake Camp was making friends and being at waterfront. The lake is really beautiful and there was so much to do – paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming.

I made new friends that I know I will be friends with for the rest of the time I’m at camp – with some girls from all different parts of the world including New York City, Venezuela, and New Jersey.

I can’t wait to go back next year because I can’t wait to see my friends, do all the activities, and eat the food.

Julia H