Mid Summer Update From Head Counselors

Girls Camp Update

We hope that you have had an amazing start to your summer because here at FLC, we certainly have! The last two weeks have been jam-packed with all sorts of exciting activities, including our hikes, overnights, rafting, waterskiing, and so much more. Not only that, but we have been celebrating multiple birthdays here at camp, where campers and counselors get treated to a special camp birthday cake at dinner that gets shared with the whole of their cabin.

We had our amazing 4th of July celebration on Tuesday. Campers were woken up by our LITs banging on pans, singing Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, and then we started the day with a game that we call Rainbow Warriors. This is when counselors hide around camp with different colored paint, and the campers are tasked to collect each color while dodging the ‘greenie meanies’. Then everyone went to cool off at the waterfront for some fun water games and beach relaxation. After lunch and a much-needed rest hour, we had our annual Carnival! The campers had tickets they could spend at different booths, such as a dunk tank, a bubble gun race, popcorn, fortune telling, an Oreo challenge, and so much more. To top it all off, we ended the day with our spectacular firework display.

The energy continued on Wednesday and Thursday when we welcomed a camera crew to film our new camp video. They were here to document life here at FLC and to show off all the camp’s amazing activities. Some campers were even lucky enough to get interviewed by them so we could get some first-hand perspectives on camp life. Also, on Wednesday, our youngest campers had their overnight on New Beach. They enjoyed a swim in the lake and then a campfire with s’mores before they settled down for the night.

We’re so proud to announce our Campers of the Week so far this summer:

Week 1:

Senior – Nicole G.

Junior – Kay W.

Week 2:

Senior – Lila B.

Junior – Brigitte B.

Campers have additionally been preparing for FLCs Dance Show! This year, due to the amount of international staff we have on camp, the dance show theme is Around the World. But the Dance Show is not the only performing arts activity that is happening on camp this year; we also have the camp play in the works at the moment. Our drama directors, Tim and James, have been working hard on getting our amphitheater ready for the Into the Woods performance while also working on getting everyone up to scratch on their lines. We are all really excited to see both shows and can’t wait to let you know how it goes.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, we had to say goodbye to our two weekers. We are missing them very much and are hoping to see them back next year. However, we have said hello to many more campers this Saturday and are so excited to get to know them and create new friends. We welcomed them on Sunday by summing up the week with our usual trip to Chapel, a color wars capture the flag competition, and an indoor campfire.

Kind regards,

Freya and Lisa


Boys Camp Update 

This week started off with a bang as our senior boys did a day hike up Giant Mountain! Junior boys trained for their upcoming soccer tournament at Echo Lake Camp. The rest of the campers enjoyed a typical day of activities around the hill. For evening activity the junior boys enjoyed some dodgeball while the senior boys competed in a soccer match. All campers were eagerly awaiting the next morning for the 4th of July activities.

On Tuesday it was the 4TH OF JULY, campers were awoken by the LIT’s banging pots and pans before proceeding down to the mess hall and were greeted by our British counselors throwing tea bags. After bursting through the blockade and singing the national anthem, campers enjoy breakfast before heading around camp for a scavenger hunt across the property. Following the first period event both camps went down to waterfront for a beach party until they went back up the hill to enjoy a BBQ lunch. The afternoon was filled with carnival games like the dunk tank, slip and slide, cornhole, and ‘send a (Hershey’s) kiss’. The campers finished off their evening with a social between the two camps and a fireworks display in the boys camp baseball field.

On Wednesday the campers awoke in high spirits from the previous night’s festivities and fireworks. Senior boys competed in a basketball tournament while the Juniors competed in a soccer tournament. The senior boys beat Echo lake and advanced to the semi finals round where they lost to Camp Adirondack. The junior boys competed with all of their might and were bested in their next day of the soccer tournament. The boys came back to camp still excited for the victories we were able to achieve and rejoined their fellow campers for afternoon activities.

Thursday was a regular day of activities, however, the day was much defined by a soccer match that took place in the evening between the Juniors of FLC playing the Juniors of Echo Lake Camp at Echo Lake Camp. The juniors gave it their all and tried their hardest, however this time Echo Lake Camp took home the victory this time around. The campers returned just in time for lunch on camp and we’re still in high spirits for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday Forest Lake Camp departed once again for Echo Lake to have a swimming competition. Both Juniors and Seniors competed against Echo Lake Camp and Camp Adirondack, ultimately the boy took camp multiple victories for Forest Lake Camp and the counselors present at the competition raved about their amazing performance. Later in the evening the 2 weeker campers began packing their bags for their departure on Saturday morning. To wind down the evening both boys and girls camp came together to watch “Scooby-Doo: Zombie Island”.

Saturday was filled with bittersweet emotions. We had to say farewell to our two-week departures and welcomed our new two week and five-week campers to Forest Lake. The day was filled with field games as well as a fishing tournament between Forest Lake camp and Echo lake, it was a tie between the camp with a final score of 34-34. The rest of boys camp enjoyed a day on the hill awaiting the arrival of their new cabin mates and finished up with capture the flag as their evening activity.

Sunday started with a salient chapel speech once again from boys head counselor Matt Laythem about the importance of small acts of kindness and love which was followed by a moment of reflection and socialising at Lookout. In the afternoon, the campers enjoyed their first big color war event that was Capture the Flag which both the Girls Camp and Boys Camp participated in up on the boys baseball field where the game was won by the red and green team followed by a social where all the campers got to spectate a counselor soccer match. Unfortunately camp was interrupted by another thunderstorm so the week was forced to end with a campfire inside the mess hall which nonetheless included songs, sketches and awards that were just as, if not more exciting than a regular campfire. ZACHARY G. won both Archer of the Week and Tennis Player of the Week while SAMI M. won the Rider of the Week for the boys’ camp. Congratulations to our Campers of the Week for this week and last:

Week 1:

Senior – Thomas L.

Junior – Reiss D.

Week 2:

Senior – Kiran M.

Junior – Avi S.

Following awards, we all stood for taps and parted ways back to our prospective camps to end another great week at FLC and to prepare for the next one ahead. 


Matt Laythem and Charlie Oliver