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October 2014 Newsletter

New Mess Hall Coming In 2016!

FLC New Messhall

Forest Lake Camp is investing in our future and yours!  We are thrilled to announce our intentions to build a new mess hall for the 2016 summer season. After several years of planning we have initial drawings and have started the permitting process to provide a brand new, state of the art, ADK style, dining facility.

Our current building, while steeped in history and character is unfortunately becoming inadequate and dated and our goal is to provide an amazing dining experience while continuing the traditions and decor of our current dining hall. We are hoping to use some of the original beams, boards and stained glass in the new dining hall and of course there will be ample space for our 80+ years of color wars plaques and other awards. Features will include two working fireplaces, a state of the art kitchen, improved acoustics, and an improved serving process. The new dining facility will help us provide even healthier meals in a safe, bright, and beautiful building for years to come.  These are very exciting times at FLC as our growth has enabled us to invest in the future with the Confer Pavilion and now a new dining facility. The plan (and of course plans do change) is to break ground at the end of next September 2015 and have it ready for June of 2016. Here is early look at the current design. We hope you like it!