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April 2015 Newsletter

Meet our 2015 Head Counselors

Lilje Lawson, Head Counselor

Lilja FLC Head Counselor

Lilje first came to FLC in 2010 as a 15-year old camper. The following 4 summers, Lilje returned as a counselor, helping in the arts, sharing her love of the outdoors with campers through hikes in the surrounding Adirondacks and as one of the heads of girls archery. Lilje has always offered a tremendous deep commitment and passion for camp life and is seen as a caring, thoughtful and genuine member of the staff. Lilje currently resides and is studying in Copenhagen, Denmark but is from Connecticut. Her interests include darkroom photography, traveling and bicycling. This summer will be Lilje’s 6th summer at Forest Lake and her first as one our Girls’ Camp Head Counselors. She is looking forward to developing new skills in this leadership role and offering her own personal experiences, love of camp and personal strengths to make the summer a wonderful one. Lilje also looks forward to teaching archery and building new meaningful relationships with campers and staff members.

Why do I return to FLC every summer? “I return to Forest Lake every summer to work and to play. Camp allows everyone to be part of a small community and gifts everyone with the opportunity to grow. For the last 5 summers I have left camp stronger, happier and more determined than ever. The diversity of activities, people and wilderness surroundings makes Forest Lake Camp the ultimate melting pot. Whether through hikes, quiet paddles on the lake, conquering the most challenging route on the climbing wall or becoming best friends with people from around the world, Forest Lake provides the opportunity for the unexpected. I’ve had the pleasure of watching campers grow up over the last couple of summers and I’ve noticed how Forest Lake fosters goodness and strength. I truly cannot wait to return this summer for yet another unique, fun and enlightening summer in the Adirondacks!”

Becky Rost, Girls Head Counselor

Becky Rost FLC Head Counselor

Becky first came to Forest Lake as a 10-year old camper. She has been attending Forest Lake Camp since 2004, first as a junior camper, then a senior camper, LIT, counselor and currently, as one of our Girls’ Camp Head Counselors. As a former camper she spent her summers learning new skills that she now teaches as a counselor, such as ultimate frisbee, volleyball, canoeing, and archery. She is an active horseback rider with a horse of her own. During the year, she studies geology at SUNY Geneseo. Becky shares a genuine smile with all she encounters. Her infectious spirit and deep compassion for others contributes to the incredible place that makes girls camp such a wonderful place to be.

Why do I return to FLC? “Forest Lake is a special place. It has shaped who I am in a major and wonderful way. FLC is a safe place to explore and grow without fear. I attribute my strength and confidence to this. I’ve met people from all around the world and it has helped shape my world view. I started going to FLC for 4 weeks when I was 10 but by 12 years old, that wasn’t enough and I started attending for the entire summer. Forest Lake is my second home and I love that I can return and offer others the experience that I cherish.”

Brett Booker, Boys Head Counselor

Brett Booker Head counselor

Brett first came to camp as the soccer specialist in 1990 and returned for 4 consecutive summers. After an 18-year break (which Brett considers his sabbatical) he returned as Head Counselor in 2012. This summer will be Brett’s 4th year as one of Boys’ Camps Head Counselors. Brett is often seen enjoying a competitive game of soccer or basketball or challenging a camper on the ping-pong table. Brett is instrumental in maintaining many of FLC’s deep traditions as well as offering new and spirited life on boys’ hill. Brett brings much laughter every week to Campfire, values the opportunity to share camp life with his boys, and is often seen in festive attire during camp events. Brett met his fiancé and FLC alumna Sadie Ball at FLC.

Why do I return to FLC every summer?: “I have 2 small boys who I must ensure experience the FLC factor and working at camp allows me to help make that legacy possible. Forest Lake is a magical place that allows for a degree of personal growth unlike anywhere else I have ever known. The relationships and bonds between fellow staff members and campers and indeed campers and staff are bonds that, speaking from experience, last a lifetime. At camp I am able to really develop and use skills that are only really applicable at Camp. Where else can I teach people about communication skills and personal development and then take part in a campfire Skit with Custard Pies? With the current ownership and director’s mission to make FLC the best camp it can be, I feel I am truly part of an exciting legacy.”

Jay Goldstein, Boys Head Counselor

Jay Goldstein, FLC Head Counselor

Jay spent 4 years at FLC as a camper and LIT in the late 60’s, first coming to camp as an 8 year old boy. So many days were spent learning and practicing waterskiing, archery, soccer, tennis, riflery, softball, waterfront, and wrestling, which isn’t so different from the campers of today. Now 35 years later, Jay has returned as one of our Boys’ Head Counselors with his wife, Catherine and two daughters, Penelope and Sarah, fondly known as Pickle. Jay is seen as a real team player and always has FLC’s best in his heart and mind. Jay looks forward to the many exciting opportunities of life “on the hill” as he works to enhance the experience of his campers and staff. His temperament and maturity has proven to be an asset in allowing each camper to reach their full, individual potential, while creating an atmosphere of camaraderie that is the hallmark of FLC.

Why do I return to FLC each summer? “Being the luckiest man ever — this is easy… I return each summer to FLC because I can. After seeing much of the world, and even though I live pretty far away, there is no other place to be when winter gives way to summer.  At FLC I can enjoy yesterday in my memories, be a helpful asset in the present, and contribute to tomorrow as my own children experience and grow along with the wonderful staff & campers that are at FLC each season. There are many lakes, cabins, and experiences in life….but FLC….everyone should be so lucky. Thank you to all those who took the time and caring to pilot me through the years; some of whom I am proud to now call my colleagues and dear friends.”