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April 2016 Newsletter

Meet our Girls’ Camp Head Counselors


Our Girls’ Camp Head Counselors,  oversee the general well being of our campers and staff in Girls camp and work closely with the cabin counselors to ensure every camper is having a summer to remember. Please join us in welcoming Nicolette and Elyse as our 2016 Girls’ Head Counselor Team!

Elyse Rubchinuk, Girls Head Counselor


This summer will be Elyse’s 4th summer at FLC.  Elyse was born and raised in New Hampshire and is currently finishing her junior year at Bates College in Maine.  Elyse is majoring in Environmental Studies, with concentrations in philosophy, psychology, and education. Elyse has brought these passions with her to camp and among many things, has been actively involved with camp’s composting system, recycling in the cabins and a part of FLC’s 16 year old LIT (Leaders in Training) program.  Elyse is a lifeguard at camp and for the past two summers was an active participant and leader in the wilderness program.  Of the many sports Elyse coaches at camp, her favorite one is basketball. Elyse shares, “I love being able to work with a team of girls to prepare for a competition and to see their progress throughout the summer.” Last summer Elyse had the pleasure of spending time at the stables helping the horsey girls with lessons. “Riding is a special place for campers to try something totally new that they may not get the chance to do at home. Some of my favorite camp moments happened in the riding ring.”

2016 brings new adventure for Elyse as she joins the leadership team as one of Girls’ Camps Head Counselors.  Elyse’s knowledge of camp, her passion for tradition and her creative spirit, combined for her deep devotion to the camper experience, will make her a strong member of the team.  Elyse is looking forward to making new memories with old campers and staff members, as well as meeting new members of the FLC family and creating bonds that will last a lifetime. She continues to be excited to support the LIT program and to watch the girls grow in many ways throughout their leadership experiences this coming summer. This summer she plans on bringing her love of sports as well as her willingness to try many new things.  That is what camp is all about!

Why do I return to FLC every summer? “I return to FLC because I have the privilege of seeing growth in all of the campers throughout their time at FLC. Camp is a place where you are able to be yourself and not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone through trying new things. I am very excited for this new role at camp, and I look forward to the exciting challenges it may bring.”

Nicolette Wesly, Girls Head Counselor


Nicolette comes from Bloomington, Indiana where she has devoted her early adult years to helping others, both in the classroom as well as in summer camp communities. She strives to support her staff, her students and her campers in overcoming challenges and in reaching new and exciting heights in their learning and growth. Nicolette recently graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a Bachelors of Arts in Speech and Hearing Science with a minor in Sign Language. She hopes to apply to grad school in either Audiology, Elementary Education or Mental Health counseling. She is keeping her options open as she holds many passions!

The sense of family is what drew Nicolette to FLC.  She loves that FLC is not only a camp where she will work but a place that she will hold in her heart and call her home away from home. The FLC Promise is particularly exciting in Nicolette’s mind, as she deeply values the opportunities for campers to achieve independence and to grow as people.  FLC’s Promise encourages campers to reach for their best each day.

Nicolette enjoys working with people, especially children and loves to stay busy. She supports her clients with disabilities, advocating for them and helping them to be as independent as possible while encouraging them to engage and build positive, healthy relationships. She loves art and enjoys painting, ceramics, attending art fairs, music festivals, musicals and plays. She also enjoys cooking and going on walks with friends and family.  Camp will be the perfect place for Nicolette! Nicolette is excited to share her creative energy with her campers and staff, her lively personality, her positive attitude, and her spirited optimism.  Nicolette believes that a bad day or situation can be turned around with the right attitude and with the ability to look on the bight side of things. Camp is her passion.

What I am looking forward to this summer?

I am looking forward to being at CAMP and to helping make FLC a fun and memorable summer, with endless laughter, jokes, tears of joy, trials and triumphs. I hope to build friendships that will endure seasons and years to come. I hope to make this a summer to remember that will leave campers, staff and myself with something to look forward to year round. I look forward to my personal growth as a leader and as a person, not only through the things that will be successful but also through the things will present challenges. I look forward to being a positive role model and to encourage campers to believe in themselves and to encourage, support and empower them. I look forward to thinking of FLC as my family and to feel the biggest smile on my face each time I think of it.