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Looking for a great space for your next event?

As we bring the curtain down on the old of 2016 and welcome in the new of 2017 I thought I would take this opportunity to re-introduce our fantastic mess hall. FLC broke ground on the new project in the fall of 2015 and the building was finished and ready for use by May of 2016. A fantastic 9 month turn around that saw the demolition of the old building and the fantastic new building welcomed its first guests in 2016.

Plaques were re-hung, new tables were installed and the bespoke garage doors were raised and lowered throughout the 2016 season. With outdoor seating and eating areas, a capacity of over 400, working fireplaces and modern fixtures with a traditional feel, our new mess hall has already welcomed over 1,500 guests.

We have 11 weekend weddings already booked for 2017, our friends in New Jersey, Bonnie Brae will be returning for a week, Summer Camp and Family camp enrollment are in full swing.

But don’t forget we still have space available for you and your group. Corporate retreat, school group or family reunion. Whether you want to organize to stay over or just a day retreat or meeting space, our Mess Hall is the center piece for that and more. Why not put FLC on your calendar for 2017?!

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