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September 2015 Newsletter

Let’s Play Tennis at FLC!

tennis 3For me, teaching tennis was really about seeing the smiles on the campers faces at the end of a great session. It was amazing to see improvement from so many campers out on the courts and equally for the campers to see their own improvements! It was a great reward to know that what I was doing was helping the campers become better players and that they were enjoying themselves in the process.

Inter-camp competitions against other camps was also a tennis highlight! No matter which camper I took with me they would try their absolute best. Their goal could be to win 1 match, an entire tournament or simply to have fun trying something they had not done before. Everyone put their absolute all into every match! Campers at FLC show great sportsmanship and respect whether they are hosting a tournament on camp or whether they are representing FLC at another camp. This made me proud to coach them and to be a part of FLC. That is tennis at FLC- sportsmanship, learning and fun.

tennis 2Giving out the weekly tennis awards was probably the hardest part of my job. There were so many worthy recipients each week. Picking one from each camp was no easy task. In the end, I loved seeing the camper’s reaction to receiving the Golden Tennis Ball each week at campfire and receiving the acknowledgment they deserved from the rest of our camp family, about how well they had done that week on the courts!

I cannot wait to be back on the courts next summer at FLC. Keep playing tennis everyone! -Tennis Dan

There were lots of fun and laughter on the courts this summer at FLC! From playing Jail to playing torpedo (the juniors know what I am talking about!)tennis

Not only were we able to have fun during tennis periods but we were also given the opportunity to travel and compete against other camps in tournaments. I was always so proud of our campers who competed in matches. There was not a single time that someone did not give it their all and most importantly, everyone always had fun. Nothing was better than seeing the campers take what we learned in the tennis periods and use it on match day.

It always felt rewarding seeing all the smiles and improvement on the courts. Campers would not only sign up for tennis periods but there would always be campers playing during 12:00 free time and 5:00 open time. It was great to see the enthusiasm and passion in the campers on the court; it reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger.

I really look forward to next summer and seeing everyone back on the courts! -Tennis Jade