September 2017 Newsletter

Keep the connection alive – FLC has created a 2017 camper directory

Last year we had a lot of requests from campers/parents asking for other camper’s contact information – this was great news to us because it meant our campers were really forming strong friendships with each other during the summer and were motivated to maintain those relationships during the year! In response and to help facilitate this request, we decided to create an online searchable camper directory, where campers could go to find other camper’s contact information.

We are excited to continue this service and offer a camper contact database for our 2017 campers. The system is easy. We simply will upload all of the camper contact info that we receive onto a google spreadsheet. The google spreadsheet will be separated into a Girls’ Camp and Boys’ Camp directory.  We hope to be able to publish the camper directory by October 15th – so please update your info! Please note that this directory is only for 2017 enrolled campers. If you are an FLC alumni you can search for former campers by clicking on https://forestlakecamp.com/flc-alumni-directory/

We encourage all 2017 enrolled campers to update their contact information to stay in touch!   

I hope you agree with us that our camper directory will serve as a great way for our camper community to stay in touch during the off-season.  Please note the camper directory will be password protected and will only be available to our 2017 camper community.  However, if you for any reason would rather your child’s info isn’t shared, please just email us and we will make sure they are not added to our camper directory.

Additionally, we will add a staff tab to our camper directory so our campers can stay in touch with our staff too!

Click HERE to update and add additional contact info such as social media contact info.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.