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How to Spend More Time Together as a Family

With the school year back in full swing and the holidays over, it can be really hard for families to spend time together. Between work schedules, after school activities, play dates, sport practices, and running errands, most of your free time is probably spent sleeping! Does this sound familiar? Now more than ever, families are looking for more and more ways to spend time together despite their busy schedules. During the summer, a great way to do that is to go on a family retreat in New York at Forest Lake Camp, but how can you maximize quality family time together during the school year? Keep on reading for some examples and ideas to get the family back together!

  • Many people don’t realize the importance of family time! Children gain confidence and a sense of security when they spend time with their family. It also creates a strong family bond, which benefits both children and adults.
  • This weekend, spend some time outside together! Kick around the soccer ball, go for a hike, or go apple hiking. Need some more ideas? Check out our family retreat activities and see if there is anything that you or your family may be interested in trying. At Forest Lake Camp, we have something for everyone. And by trying out the activities now, you’re getting some practice in before you and your family comes to the retreat next summer!
  • Have a family game night! Our personal favorite games are charades and Pictionary, but there are TONS of games to choose from!
  • For the artsy family, make a scrapbook together! Include pictures from the past year. Maybe there was a wedding you all went to together, or the family retreat at Forest Lake Camp that you went to. Scrapbooking is a great way to look back at some old pictures and to bring out the creative side!

And once it’s time for summer, make sure to sign up for the best family retreat in New York at Forest Lake Camp! Call us at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to sign up today!

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