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April 2015 Newsletter

Calling all waiters, hoppers and mail carriers!

UntitledAs we approach the summer we invite our campers to apply for this summer’s camper jobs.  This is a great way to make a couple of dollars and gain some working experience.

Available positions at this time are: staff waiter/hopper positions in both 1st and 2nd session in boys’ and girls’ camp and the mail position in girls’ camp 1st session only and boys’ camp 2nd session only.

The mail position requires an average of 15-45 minutes of work each day after lunch and during rest hour (depending on the number of packages and letters).  The compensation for this position is $60- $45 per session.

The staff waiter/hopper position involves attending to the staff table 3 meals a day.  Duties include place settings, food serving and clearing/cleaning.  BBQ’s and other special meals excluded.  The compensation for this job is $120- $90 per session.

Please express your interest in writing to [email protected]

Compensation varies depending on length of session