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January 2017 Newsletter

FLC’s Voyageur Teen Adventure


FLC’s newly named Voyageur program is a 10-day experience. Our Voyageur program encompasses adventure, travel, stewardship and team building for 17 year olds. We believe a critical attribute of leadership is the ability to make strong decisions and be able to lead one’s peers.  This program will help participants strengthen their decision-making and teamwork skills, through group cooperation and problem solving while working together in the outdoors.

The first two days will be spent on FLC’s campus, developing a heightened sense of teamwork and reviewing trip itineraries, while also preparing for a 4-day canoe expedition in the La Verendrye Provincial Park located in Ontario, Canada. On the way to La Verendrye Provincial Park, the group will stop off outside of Mont Tremblac for a day of rock climbing and team building. Following our 4-day canoe expedition the trip will culminate with 2-days spent in Montreal exploring its history and enjoying the city’s culture.

Dates: July 26th – August 4th
Cost: $2,495
Who can apply: 17 years old and rising high school seniors


We hope that our Voyageur program has caught your interest.  Want to secure a spot and enroll today? Please begin by clicking on Voyageur and filling out our online application. Contact us at [email protected] or 518-623-4771 with any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!