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January 2018 Newsletter

FLC Winter Open Houses

This winter has been filled with FLC reunions and events that have certainly kept the FLC spirit alive and strong. From bowling to ice skating and roasting s’mores, current campers, their parents and prospective families have been chatting away about all things FLC. We are reminded of the joy FLC brings to so many as we witness campers being reunited in one another’s homes, seeing each other for the first time since they said their goodbyes back in August. It is a feeling of coming home and warmth, as FLC makes us all feel a part of something truly special.

These past few months the FLC family has come together to share its excitement for the summer ahead. We have shared the things we value most about our camp experiences, hearing from both campers and parents. Campers spoke about the variety of activities and how they allow for so many “firsts” at camp. They spoke about the awesome opportunity to do things at camp that you just don’t have the time or the opportunity to do at home during the school year. Campers spoke about how awesome it is to make friends from all over the world and how lucky they feel to be apart of such an eclectic community of people. FLC offers diversity and this brings increased awareness for the world we live in and the value in how important it is to show empathy towards others. Campers and parents both spoke about FLC offering such growth, in all forms, not just in skill towards specific activities, but also in developing greater independence and autonomy. Camp allows campers and staff to take care of themselves and others and show support in really genuine ways.

We know how much it means to see our camp family during the off-season. Open House events are some of the things we treasure most when we are not at camp.

Special thanks to those who shared what it means to come together with the FLC family during the off-season….

“What I enjoy most about seeing camp friends during the off season is that, although we don’t live close to each other or talk to each other as much as we’d like to, there is never a dull moment and we are able to pick right back up from where we left off.”
-Izzy Davis (2018 LIT)

“Being around my Forest Lake family always feels like home. No matter how many years have passed, I always feel welcome and accepted when I reconnect with campers and counselors. I’ve spent the most formative years of my life at Forest Lake, and there’s something so special about sharing such a unique bond with others.”
-Emma Settlemeyer (FLC alum) 

“What I enjoy most about seeing camp friends during the off season is, even though we don’t get to talk as much as we would like too, and don’t get to see each other a lot, every time we are back together its like we were never apart.”
-Ruthie Weinstein (2018 LIT)

“You get to see people and friends that you would only see during the summer so the Open houses show great opportunities to see your other friends and catch up with them.” – Jordan Pieser (2018 LIT)

“I love connecting with FLC family during the off season. It is so special to see summer friendships carry into the year and always reminds me how strong the bonds I’ve made at camp are!” -Caroline Kravitz (Girls’ Camp Head Counselor)

“Being with my camp friends outside our camp environment is so rare. It’s really heart warming to come together and see some of my closest friends in the whole world. I think it is so important to make those connections outside of camp because they can last a lifetime.” -Jules Davis (2018 LIT)

Join us for our May 5th Open House Event at Forest Lake Camp

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