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FLC maintains a “free choice” curriculum


At Forest Lake Camp, campers of all ages have the opportunity to map out their own day. What could be more exciting than to wake up each morning and choose your adventure for the day? Although many other camps have moved to more pre-assigned schedules because it is easier to organize, Forest Lake Camp has maintained the ‘free choice’ model. We believe this teaches our campers to learn how to make choices and advocate for themselves. Our campers are able to do many activities each day that they love, but they are also encouraged to try new activities, even ones they think they won’t like. To facilitate this experience, we have created a culture at FLC where experiencing new adventures each day is valued and encouraged.

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard from former FLC campers, “I learned that at camp” or “what I learned at camp shaped who I am today”. One of FLC’s Promises is “we will offer a wide variety of programs, activities and experiences, reflective of the diverse set of interests held by our campers”. We are committed to preparing our campers for life by introducing them to a wide variety of skills and challenging them to consider their ‘best effort’ in all that they do.
Each summer, we witness and participate in the open structure and independence that our camp offers our youth. We believe camp is the perfect compliment to school as it helps to strengthen confidence and gives campers skills that they can take back with them and use in their schools and communities back home. We look forward to upholding FLC’s Promise into our 2017 summer and hope that you will join us on this journey!
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