What will you notice? Facility improvements at FLC

Every off season at Forest Lake Camp we create a long list of projects for Gary and Tyler to work on to get ready for the next season. This season is no exception and the list of awesome updates is extensive. Next time you come visit camp what will you notice as being new or different?

Will you notice the beautiful new patio in the BBQ area with 6 new picnic tables? What about renovated bathrooms in the infirmary? You may not notice the electrical system upgrades all around camp or the advancements in our water systems but we know you will notice the new set up down at the lake, the fixes to the roads and several new roofs on cabins! We know that the girls will notice that Cabin Cascade has been completely redone with the flooring resurfaced, a couple new windows and all new bunks and lockers and we know that the boys will see new doors in a few places along with The Elms bathroom being completely finished and a new bathroom floor in Sequoia. Our admin staff will find a brand new bathroom in the back of Cooks cabin and all of our tennis players will see that the tennis courts are resurfaced! When out on a hike do you think you will see the tens of new trails signs that were made to mark your way? If you are an alum might you be interested some day in staying at camp in the farm house which has been completely updated and redone and includes a new heating system? In addition to all these projects we have added outdoor lighting around camp, upgraded bathroom fans, fixed or replaced old lockers, many painting projects and so much more. An enormous thank you to Tyler and Gary for their incredible hard work!

We cannot wait for your next visit to camp to enjoy all the wonders of FLC.