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December 2017 Newsletter

Congrats to a GREAT Team of Young Leaders! Meet our 2018 LIT’s

We are thrilled to introduce our 2018 Leaders in Training. We are so proud of this group of campers. They have already showed an incredible amount of perseverance, courage and leadership through the application process. We are so excited to for all they will bring to our community this summer. Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to the 2018 LIT Team!

Julianna Davis

Jules comes from New York, NY. This summer will be her 7th summer at FLC.  Jules is eager to share her enthusiasm and dedication to camp life this summer. Among many things, Jules is excited to grow as a leader through assisting with archery and fencing, two sports she first tried as a young camper.  Jules has incredible FLC spirit and has a unique ability to make others feel special.  When asked what she hopes to be remembered for most at the end of her LIT summer, Jules said she hopes to be remembered as someone who made sure that others were feeling their best and feeling connected.  Jules will be a tremendous leader on Girls‘ Camp this summer and we are so fortunate we have had the opportunity to watch her grow up at camp.  Jules will be an excellent addition to the 2018 LIT team. Hooray!

Ruthie Weinstein

Ruthie comes from Rye, New York. This summer will be her 4th summer at camp. FLC has always allowed Ruthie to feel 100% herself and she looks to help others feel the same.  She strives to make sure others feel welcomed and comfortable, in all situations, and she has a natural humor that puts peers at ease. Ruthie loves celebrating the traditions of camp life, especially through cheers in the Mess Hall, Color War competitions, activities like the annual Lip Sync and the weekly Campfire.  Ruthie is excited to grow as a teacher and coach through helping out on the tennis courts. Ruthie loves to fish as well and hopes to share this love with other campers in 2018.  Ruthie’s natural acceptance and understanding of others will no doubt have a lasting impact in FLC’s Girls’ Camp. Congrats Ruthie, FLC is so excited to welcome you back to camp!

Katie Spencer

Katie comes from Irvington, NY.  This summer will be Katie’s 4th summer at FLC and we are thrilled to welcome her to the LIT team.  Katie’s adventuresome and ambitious spirit encourages her to try new things and to get outside of her comfort zone at camp.  She is excited to share this with others this summer and to help younger campers have many of their own “first” experiences while at camp.  Katie is an avid sports enthusiast and is eager to grow as a leader on the tennis courts, through assisting with ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball and even dodgeball.  Katie loves pottery, archery and Zumba, activities that camp has afforded her the opportunity to experience and learn from.  This coming summer Katie hopes that her love of camp life and the happiness FLC brings her will rub off on her campers.  Katie believes that at FLC we are all on the same team and it is her goal to make sure no one is left behind!  Katie will be a great addition to the 2018 team and FLC is lucky to have her! Congrats Katie!

Isabella Davis

Izzy is from New York, NY.  This summer is Izzy’s 7th summer at camp! She is committed to helping FLC be the best place it can be and she shares this enthusiasm, laughter, positive spirit and love with so many.  Izzy remembers looking up to the LIT group when she was a first time junior camper and it had a huge impact on her. She hopes to be a strong role model and leader for younger junior and senior campers, helping their camp experience be the absolute best.  Izzy is excited to dedicate a lot of time this summer to climbing, volleyball and even Zumba.  No doubt her strong work ethic and her dedication to her personal best will have a lasting impact on the FLC community.  Izzy is always seen with a smile on her face and we are so fortunate to have her return as a part of the 2018 LIT team. Congrats Izzy!

Britta Wilkerson

Britta is from Barrington, RI. This summer will be Britta’s 5th summer at FLC and we are so fortunate to welcome her to the 2018 LIT team.  Britta’s commitment to working well with others, her strong work ethic and her positive spirit will contribute so much to Girls’ Camp this summer.  Britta feels that a strong LIT is one who loves what they are doing every single day at camp and is someone who strives to share their positivity throughout all of camp.  Britta loves being around younger children and cannot wait for all the time she will share working with and helping others.  Britta’s real love is in the wilderness and she looks forward to having a lasting impact on FLC’s wilderness program.  Britta has participated in a number of overnight canoe trips and hikes while at camp and cannot wait to share this love with her fellow campers and staff.  Britta enjoys all things water and cannot wait for time spent down at WF.  Britta, you will make Girls’ Camp a brighter and better place. Congrats!

Anna Wilkerson

Anna comes from Barrington, RI.  This summer will be her 5th summer at camp.  Anna has never been a part of 1st session as she has always been a 2nd session camper and we cannot wait to have her at camp ALL summer long!  Anna prides herself on her dependability and strong work ethic.  She is excited for the tasks that await her in her LIT summer and is ready to give her absolute best! Through her many years as a camper, Anna feels her strong understanding of camp life will help others feel right at home. She has always loved younger children and is excited to spend time working alongside them this summer.  Anna loves the waterfront and hopes to help with swim lesson, helping others feel comfortable and safe in the water.  Fencing is Anna’s favorite activity and she hopes to assist other campers as they practice the sport.  Anna also has come to love the wilderness through her time at camp and really hopes to help out this summer out on the trail and on canoe outings.  Anna has enjoyed a number of overnight cannot trips throughout her many years as a camper.  Anna, we are so excited to welcome you to the 2018 LIT team, congrats!

Zachary Oren

Zach lives in Miami, Florida. This summer will be Zach’s 5th summer at FLC.  Zach has always been an avid and skilled golfer and has never been known to miss a golf tournament held at camp. Zach will be busy this school year planning golf clinics for 5:00 Open Periods and has a lot of great ideas he hopes to see happen in 2018.  Zach loves sports and is excited to play tons of hoops this summer and to share his love of basketball with campers. Zach loves inter-camp competitions at camp and is excited to work alongside staff to help cheer and coach Boys’ Camp on to victory.  Zach also cannot wait for the fun, spirited and competitive Color War competitions that are an important part of FLC’s culture.  Zach has a great sense of humor and strives to make Boys’ Camp a happy place for all.  Congratulations on being a 2018 LIT Zach, it is going to be a great summer.

Elias Capriles

Elias is from Venezuela and currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida.  This summer will be Elias’s 5th summer at FLC.  Elias brings an incredibly positive attitude and love of all things FLC to Boys’ Camp.  Elias genuinely strives to make all campers feel welcomed and accepted on Boys’ Camp and works hard to help maintain a positive camp culture on the hill.  Elias always has a smile to share and an encouraging word to offer a fellow camper.  Elias hopes to help make FLC the strongest camp possible and to pass down the values that FLC has shared with him. Elias is a talented fencer and we hope he has the opportunity to instruct many campers this coming summer.  Elias looks forward to helping shape campers experiences this summer and Boys’ Camp is so fortunate to have him join the 2018 team.  Congrats Elias!

Charles Poulin

Charles lives in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. This summer will be Charles’s 4th summer at FLC.  Charles has a great sense of humor and often shares laughter with those around him.  Charles loves to make new friends at camp and has always valued his cabin connections. He hopes to share the same meaning and importance through his interactions with campers this coming summer.  Charles believes that being friendly, kind in your interactions with others, that doing your best and following the rules, are all important qualities to help make Boys’ Camp the best place possible.  He has always valued that FLC is the kind of place that encourages you to try new things and hopes for new experiences in summer 2018.  We cannot wait for all you will bring to the summer ahead Charles.  Thank you for helping to make it a great one!  Congrats!

Liam Difalco

Liam is from Burlington, VT.  Although Liam has literally grown up at FLC, summer 2018 will be Liam’s 8th official summer in a cabin.  Liam is excellent with all ages of campers and has often been seen helping a camper untangle a fishing line or perfect their casting down at WF.  Liam hopes to teach respect for the sport this coming summer and he feels as though fishing has changed his own life in positive ways.  Liam loves archery and has perfected his own accuracy each year at camp.  He is eager to share his passion and love of archery with campers this summer.  Liam loves the outdoors and is often first to sign up for a hike or canoe trip and hopes to encourage others to do the same this summer.  Camp has allowed Liam to pursue his acting and to take up sports like fencing.  Liam has much to offer and share with campers this summer and Boys’ Camp is lucky to have him. Congrats Liam, we cannot wait to have you join the team this summer.

Jordan Pieser

Jordan is from Great Neck, NY.  This coming summer will be Jordan’s 4th summer at FLC.  Jordan brings organization, energy and dedication to his LIT summer.  Jordan values working with many different people and looks forward to continuing to help Boys’ Camp be a community that accepts and welcomes all.  Jordan looks forward to sharing his pride and passion in all activities, particularly in basketball and volleyball.  Jordan hopes to help 1st year campers have an awesome experience at camp this summer and he look forward to helping out in all area asked of him. Jordan, no doubt you will put your LIT abilities to use in a very positive way. Congrats Jordan, we look forward to welcoming you to camp in June!