Choosing Activities at Camp

All of FLC’s activities fall under 5 pillars:

Team Sports

Adventure Sports


Creative Arts

and Wilderness and Nature

Each activity period campers have the opportunity to select an activity that falls under one of the 5 pillars. At 9:15 am after cabin cleanup and 2:15 pm after rest hour, campers will meet with their Head Counselor (see below for our Daily Schedule). Here they will decide the next two activity periods. This allows campers the free choice to explore, feel challenged to try new things, equally to build off of the things they already know and love and to individualize their camping experience which allows them to create their perfect summer.

Campers are signed up for their first choice activity for a majority of activity periods. At times, especially for activities with limited room, they will be in their 2nd or 3rd activity of choice. This can be equally beneficial by engaging campers in activities that will expand their horizons. Often, a camper finds a hidden talent and passion for an activity they didn’t know they had. We encourage our campers to advocate for themselves and let their counselors or head counselors know if they were looking forward to a certain activity that they have not had the chance to do. We also are aware that parents would like their children to partake in certain activities so we do strive to ensure they get the activities they want over the summer. Schedules change daily and all campers have the opportunity to try as many activities as they can while they are at camp!

To learn more about Activities and see all available choices

Click here for Boys Camp or Click here for Girls Camp

Here’s an example of our Daily Schedule!


7:30 Reveille

7:45 Waiter/Hopper’s Call

7:50 Assembly

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Cabin Cleanup

9:15 Assembly

9:30 First Period Activities

10:45 Morning Snack

10:45 Second Period Activities

12:00 Free Time

12:10 Assembly/Waiters Call

12:15 Lunch

1:00 Rest Hour

2:15 Assembly

2:30 Third Period Activities

3:45 Afternoon Snack

3:45 Fourth Period Activities

5:00 Free Time

5:55 Assembly/Waiters Call

6:00 Dinner

7:15 Evening Activities

8:45 Call to Quarters

9:00 Taps

9:15 Junior Camp lights out

9:45 Senior Camp lights out