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The End Of The Summer Newsletter

The 2014 Lodge and Owl Awards

tom coxThe Lodge Award is given to a recent addition to the Forest Lake staff, and it is to recognize a staff member who, to anyone unfamiliar with FLC, would seem like a 10-year veteran. We were honored to give this years Lodge Award to Tom Cox, AKA Tennis Tom!

Tom’s time at FLC has been defined by his commitment to his campers, by his commitment to his own teaching, and by his commitment to his own learning since day one of his arrival.

Tom is tremendously dedicated to getting to know his campers. He strives to know their individual needs and he strives to give them his best and full attention. Tom takes time for his campers and it shows. It shows by their growth, it shows by their attitudes. In the cabin Tom sets goals for his campers in order for them to succeed. He wants his campers to succeed. Tom is at FLC because he cares, deeply, about his campers.

Tom not only cares about his campers but he shows tremendous compassion and creativity in the way he works with them and acknowledges them, both around camp and on the tennis courts.

Tom’s dedication to tennis, the amount of time he spends on the courts, to teaching and connecting so many campers to the sport, has paid off ten fold. Our campers want to be on the courts, they want to improve, they want to compete and they want to be with Tom. He has deepened an appreciation for tennis that has impacted so many lives. We thank you Tom and congratulate you on receiving this years Lodge Award!


bob duffyThe Owl Award is given to a staff member who’s impact will extend far beyond their tenure. It is given in recognition of a lasting and direct improvement that has benefited Forest Lake Camp. This year’s recipient of the Owl Award was given to Bob Duffy.

This summer Bob Duffy entered his 15th consecutive summer at FLC. Bob has been a consummate professional throughout his FLC tenure. As our Athletic Director he works tirelessly to organize and arrange sporting events for our campers.

But his job doesn’t end there.  Bob uses his creativity, energy, natural charism and love for children to create fantastic stories at campfire, to entertain us all each summer as the ‘wood nymph’ at color sort,  while also shouldering the massive undertaking of organizing all of our color war events each summer. Bob’s energy is unmatched, and his value to FLC is immeasurable. He consistently goes out of his way to help others, whether it be a fellow colleague or his campers. There is no question that Bob’s impact on FLC will extend far beyond his tenure. He has earned himself a ‘legendary’ status within the Forest Lake community. We are all so grateful for all that he provides and look forward to many more guided rafting trips down the Sacandaga River and boisterous  ‘SAY WHAT’ chants in the mess hall. Congratulations Bob on being awarded this years 2014 Owl recipient!