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September 2014 Newsletter

Reflections & stories from girls’ cabin 1

Cabin 1 girls session 1Each month we are going to highlight a boys’ and girls’ cabin from our 2014 summer. To do this we have asked for reflections from the counselors and the campers in those cabins. We hope these reflections and stories give our newsletter readers a sense of the camaraderie, fun and spirit of our cabin life at FLC. We also hope it helps our campers keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.

Cabin 1 girls session 1 “For the four weeks we spent together with our campers in Cabin 1, there was never a second of boredom. The excitement, energy, and enthusiasm that these girls brought to FLC was astounding, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! We enjoyed every second that we got to spend with all of our incredible girls and are already counting down the minutes till we see them all again next summer!” – Cabin 1, 1st session counselors (Meghan Cullen, Paige Peterkin, Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo)

“My summer at FLC was special because I made new friends and saw the old ones. I really loved it because I did so many sports.” Cabin 1, 1st session camper – Rita Bochi

“My summer at FLC was special because I got to do all of the activities, see all my old friends and make new friends too and they are ALL very special. I really loved it because my sister Emma is there too.”  Cabin 1, 5 week Camper –Annecy Blanck

Cabin 1 second session “We were immediately impressed by how our campers, the youngest girls’ cabin at FLC, threw themselves into all aspects of camp life. Whether it be performing at campfire, going on special hikes, acting in the play, or putting in some extra effort down at the stables, Cabin One girls were seen and recognized for their maturity and abilities all across camp. Don’t let that fool you though, they made sure to remind us that they were, in fact, 7-10 year old girls, especially during cabin rest hour. Their energy levels reverberated throughout the cabin in fits of giggles and note pulley systems. If they weren’t dancing around the cabin they were playing hide and go seek, in, on and around the bunk beds!!” – Cabin 2, 2nd session counselors (Catherine Mulderry, Meghan Cullen, Allie Baer Chan, Eli Aguerrevere)

“All in all, for a group of young girls, they had extraordinary sense of self and maturity, developed senses of humor, real passion for all that camp had to offer, and unparalleled kindness. Whether it be on the field, the stage, in the water, or in the woods, they gave us much to be proud of and now, much to miss.” – Allie Baer Chan

“My summer at FLC was special because I got to see my old friends and make new ones! I really loved this because this was my third year at FLC and I love it SO much and the friends make it even better.” Cabin 1, 2nd session Camper – Maya Kelly

“My summer at FLC was wonderful. I really liked my counselors, they were great and they were always there for me. I thank them for listening to me and making me feel at home. My favorite activity was fencing. I can’t wait for next year!!!!!!!” Cabin 1, 2nd session camper -Fernanda


Craziest kids with the best smiles
Always keeping us counselors on our toes
Biggest hearts on camp AND the biggest appetites
In love with waking up at 6 AM every morning
Nothing can beat the girls of Cabin 1

Of every cabin on girl’s camp, OURS was the best!
Never let anyone stop you from being incredible, girls
Each of you is beautiful and will do amazing things

Cabin 1 girls second sessionCABIN 1! Eleven campers, 3 counselors, all love! -Cabin 1 Cheer

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