A very deep and hearty welcome to all alumni of Forest Lake Camp! We are alive and well after nearly nine decades and continue to offer life-shaping experiences to boys and girls here in the beautiful New York Adirondacks. We are very happy you are here!

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It is amazing every year to look out at our campers and see how many are children or grandchildren of FLC alumni. It speaks volumes to the loyalty of our alumni and the fond memories that they have.

If you have a child or grandchild and are thinking about sending them to FLC please let us know and we will send you brochure, DVD and a few other goodies. Just fill out our contact us form and we will send material right off to you!

Got a friend you want us to send info too? Just fill out the form and be sure to write in the notes that you are referring them to us! We have to be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Alumni Pages

Join our Alumni data base. This is a directory of all alumni whose email addresses we have. It is searchable by both name and year attended. We very much want to expand the Directory and hope you will contribute to it by adding or updating your listing and by letting us know the whereabouts of other alumni.

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Once you have established an alumni account you can search for fellow alumni in our alumni database!

Alumni Photos 

We are actively scanning in all the cabin pictures we have from years past. Pictures are organized in decades. Happy searching for pictures of yourself!

FLC Newsletter 

This is a very important section of the Alumni Page that gives you and FLC a simple way to stay in touch with one another. You are able to read the latest newsletters from the camp, special announcements about alumni meetings and reunions, and as well, are able to send us the latest information about you and your life. We want to hear from you!

Confer Legacy

 As you all know, the Confer family started, owned, and managed Forest Lake Camp for 82 years. During those years, H.T. (Coach) Confer, Phil and Sally Confer, and Gary & Ginny Confer, made it possible for thousands of children to experience the outdoors, develop new friends, and gain confidence in themselves, all without thinking for one minute about themselves. All of us who went through the Forest Lake experience owe them much.

Please email us at with stories and memories of your time as a camper and your special interactions with the Confer Family.

We will welcome you any time of year. No need to give us advance notice in the summer when we are there, but if you’d like to drop in during the off-season, do let us know, and we will make arrangements to meet you and tour your around camp.

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Alumni Videos and Slideshows

We will be updating videos often, so please continue to check back in